Associated People: Cregeen, Mr Eric, Tiree (1921 - 1983)


Ten books ‘The Eric R Cregeen Fieldwork Journals’, edited by Margaret Bennett, 2018. Historian Eric Radcliffe Cregeen (1921-1983) made hundreds of audio recordings of oral histories from a wide range of people from around Scotland. His meticulous notes are displayed and transcribed in nine volumes, with those regarding Tiree recordings presented in Volumes 3 to 9.

Vol 1 1939-1949; Vol 2 1949-1957; Vol 3 1955-1959; Vol 4 1959-1968; Vol 5 1969-1972; Vol 6 1973-1974; Vol 7 1974-1978; Vol 8 1975-1976; Vol 9 1977-1982; Vol 10 Index.


Letter from Eric Cregeen to Captain John Lamont, Kilmoluaig, 1980

Photocopy of a hand-written letter from Eric Cregeen at the School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh, to Captain John Lamont of Croish, Kilmoluaig, dated 16/12/1980, thanking him and his wife for their hospitality and help while making an audio recording for the SSE archives.