Associated People: Clark, Mr Joe, Canada


List of “Ancestral Homesteads of Tiree” compiled by Canadian descendants of Tiree emmigrants.

List of Tiree townships and family histories during the period 1770-1910 associated with a group of Canadian descendents. Families include: MacDougall (Caoles), MacDougall (Ruaig), Clark (Ruaig), MacLean (Baugh/Ruaig), Clark (Caoles), MacLean (Balemeanach), MacArthur (Sandaig), MacKeil (Hough/Moss), MacArthur (Balemeanach), Lamont (Cornaigbeg), Cameron (Balevullin), MacFarlane (Grianall/Kilkenneth), MacLean (Grianall/Kilkenneth), MacKinnon (Salum), MacKinnon (Ruaig), MacKinnon (Kirkapol), MacDonald (Kenovay), Lamont (Ruaig), MacCallum (Cornaigmore), McPhaiden (Caoles), MacLean (Caoles), McPhaiden (Caoles/Kirkapol), MacLean (Salum/Cornaigbeg), McPhaiden (Miodar/Caoles), McPhaiden (Caoles/Grainall), McPhaiden (Vaul), McPhaiden (Salum, Vaul, Ruaig). Some families were ancestors of Joe Clark, Canada`s youngest Prime Minister.

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