Associated People: Chicken, Mrs Mary Flora, Scarinish (1925 - 1995)


Black and white photograph of two visiting brothers, Richard and Paul Noble, standing outside a black-roofed house in 1969, and their story about their efforts to revisit the house in 2018, believing it to have belonged to Mrs Mary Flora Chicken, in whose house they stayed.

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Photograph of Christmas dinner at the Eventide Home around 1990

Colour photograph of residents and staff of the Eventide Home at their Christmas dinner around 1990. Clockwise from bottom left: Jessie Ann MacDonald, Nan MacKechnie, Colin Campbell, Marion MacQueen, unkown, unkown, unkown, unkown, Ruby MacDougall (at head of table), Barbara MacDonald, unknown, Ivy Bell, Flora MacInnes, Margaret Richardson, Margaret Sinclair, Mary Flora Chicken, Margaret MacIver, Joe Davidson. (original stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1)