Associated People: Campbell, Mrs Grace, Gott


Two merit certificates from the Scotch Education Department awarded to Grace Campbell (age 12) in 1901, and her brother Malcolm Campbell (age 13) in 1900, while attending Cornaigmore Public School. Signed by D MacKinnon, Head Master. The Campbells lived in the pink house, ‘Tullymet’, on Gott Bay.


Audio cassette recording of Grace Campbell, Tullymet, talking to Liz Lapsley.

Grace Campbell talks to Liz Lapsley about her family and childhood memories, her schooldays, her life as a teacher, the loss of her parents and the shop, Scarinish Hotel and licencing, her mother`s working day, the hardships of youth, the start of the W.R.I., tinkers, blacksmiths, joiners, funerals, the first cars on Tiree, the plane landing on Gott Bay shore, local events and traditions.