Associated People: Campbell, 10th Duke of Argyll Niall, Tiree (1872 - 1949)


Letter from the Duke of Argyll to the widow of John MacKinnon in 1931

Photocopies of an envelope and hand-written letter of condolence from the Duke of Argyll to Mrs John (Margaret) MacKinnon, whose late husband was “the faithful ground officer” to the Duke`s grandfather “during a troubled period on Tiree”. Dated 4 May 1931.

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Booklet `The Tiree Crofters` Struggle` written by Ailig MacArthur in July 1986.

Account of the Tiree crofters` struggle for land reform written by Ailig MacArthur of Heylipol in 1986, the centenary year of the Crofters Act.

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