Associated People: Brown, Mr Hector, Balephuil (1924 - 2004)


Copy of `Cuairt Litir` – newsletter of the Friends of Thatched Houses, 1987

Copy of the first edition of the newsletter of the `Friends of Thatched Houses`, edited by Alec MacArthur, Heylipol. One article is of a series of photographs of `Roofing a New Barn in Tiree (July 1985)` (probably Scarinish), including Hector Brown and Murdoch MacLean, while another article is in Gaelic about the old houses of Tiree by Alan Boyd. The group was set up to aid perservation and restoration of traditional thatched houses in the Hebrides. Most members were from Tiree.


Audio cassette recording of Hector Brown of Balephuil talking to Maggie Campbell in November 1998.

Hector Brown of Balephuil talks to Maggie Campbell in November 1998 about his first trip to sea at the age of 18 on the cargo ship SS Peril, the contents of his kitbag, the ship’s accommodation and his work as a deckhand/watch, the ports he visited around Britain and Ireland on board the SS Peril, ration books, coupons and some of the men he sailed with in the 1940s. Eachann Brùn o Baile Phuill a’ bruidhinn ri Mairead Chaimbeul anns an t- Samhain 1998 mu dheidhinn a chiad turus aige gu muir, air a bhàta SS Peril, nuair bha e ochd bliadhna deug, na rudan a bha na mhàileid, an obair a bha aige air a bhàta, na puirt air an do thadhail e timcheall Breatainn agus Èirinn, leabhraichean cuibhreann agus feadhainn de na daoine a bha a’ seòladh còmhla ris anns na 1940s.