Associated People: Barnard, Ms Mary, Balephuil (1870 - 1946)


Photocopy of a tri-fold brochure from an exhibition by the Oban Art Society of works by Duncan MacGregor Whyte (1866-1953) and his wife, Mary Bernard (1870-1946), in St. Columba’s Church, Oban in September 1984. Includes biographies and lists of named works. The MacG Whytes built The Studio in Balephuil.


Photocopies of a series of around 80 long and detailed typed letters (one handwritten) from artist Duncan MacGregor Whyte to his wife, Mary Barnard, and his son, Tearlach, during his travels, from boarding the steamship ‘Caledonia’ in Nov. 1911, across Canada in 1912-13, sailing to Australia via Hawaii in 1913, and around Australia in 1913-1919. In the letters, DMcGW describes his journeys, the people he meets and the paintings he produces. He frequently refers to the Gaelic language and Tiree, where he built The Studio at Balephuil.


Information and photographs regarding the link between a painting by Mary Barnard, her husband Duncan MacGregor Whyte (see 2018.49.1), and the subsequent owners of the painting. Duncan MacGregor Whyte (Mary Barnard’s husband) was friends with Alexander Lang MacArthur, Oban, whose son George was born within days of Tearlach MacGregor Whyte (see 2018.49.2). The painting was passed down the MacArthur line to Iain Alexander Currie MacArthur, Oban, and passed on to An Iodhlann after he died in 2017.


Framed watercolour/pastel painting by artist Mary Barnard, wife of Duncan MacGregor Whyte, who built The Studio at Balephuil in the early 1900s. Signed MB Barnard (Mrs Whyte), and dated 2 April 1920.

Handwritten on the back of the mount board is “The Morven Hills from Oban in April. £2.10.0 by Mary B Barnard, exhib. at RG, RSC, Pastel Soc London, AI Glasgow, Salon Paris.” Framed by J Bryce Smith Ltd, London.


Painting by the wife of Duncan MacGregor Whyte

Framed watercolour painting of a Perthshire glen with Highland cattle, by Mary Barnard, the artist wife of artist Duncan MacGregor Whyte of Oban and Balephuil. They built `The Studio` in Balephuil.


Various paper cuttings and information about artist Duncan MacGregor Whyte, Balephuil.

Collection of pieces of information about artist Duncan MacGregor Whyte (1866-1953) of Balephuil and Oban, and his paintings, from Iain Knapman, Balephuil and Basingstoke: (1) list of works held in the Holmes a Court collection, Australia, (2) birth certificate of DMW, (3) death certificate of DMW, (4) printed entry about DMW in cataloque of artists (WIEBKE), (5) information about DMW and his wife Mary Barnard, and their works displayed at the Oban Art Society Exhibition of 1984, (6) newspaper photograph of DMW in his kilt, (7) cutting from Oban Times 1982 “Argyll paintings under the hammer”.


Photograph of a painting by Duncan MacGregor-Whyte ca 1910

Colour photograph of an oil painting of two women by Duncan MacGregor-Whyte who had a studio at Balephuil in the early 1900s and painted many Tiree people. The woman holding the toy rabbit is probably his wife, Mary Barnard, also an accomplished artist who opened `The Bunny Shop` in Oban.



Newspaper tributes to Duncan MacGregor Whyte and his wife and daughter-in-law.

Photocopied newspaper articles about the MacGregor Whyte family of Oban and Balephuil: (1) obituary for Duncan MacGregor Whyte (1866-1953) the artist who stayed at The Studio, Balephuil, (2) obituary for his wife Mary Barnard, (3) D.MacGregor Whyte honoured, and (4) obituary for Ena MacGregor Whyte (d. 1987), the wife of his son Tearlach.