2nd July 1860

Police Report

Effy McKinnon or McDonald

Theft of Peats

Effy McKinnon or McDonald wife of and residing with John McDonald a Shoe Maker residing at or near Earbus Ardtun in the united Parish of Kilfenichean and Kilvicheon is Charged with the Crime of Theft in so far as on the 22nd day of June 1860 the Said Effy McKinnon or McDonald wickedly, feloniously and theftuously have stolen a quantity or quantities of Peat from a Peat Stack situated at or near the Moss called the Ardtun Peat Moss or Mosses the Property or in the Lawful possession of Gilbert McDonald a Crofter residing at or near Ballamartin Island of Tyree and County of Argyll.

John MacFarlane

Evidence. Gilbert McDonald a Crofter Ballamartin Tyree who says I and others on Friday the 22nd, ult. came from Tyree and Immediately on landing in Ross, I and James McLean also from Tyree went up to the Ardun Moss to look after our Peat Mosses, and we saw Effy McKinnon or McDonald in a peat stack of mine stealing my peats. We were about 50 yards from her when she was in the act of stealing filling a large creel. She went away with it. We followed her and overtook her. I charged her with stealing my peats in presence of James McLean. This was the second burden she carried home that day, because when James and I were on our way toward the Moss she past us with a burden and went back the second time again. I suspected it was my own peat she had in the first creel when she past us and said so to James McLean, for they were very like the quality of peats. I identified the woman & will give my oath that it was Mrs McDonald.

James MacLean a Crofter and residing at or near Ballamartin Tyree who says I came from Tyree on Friday the 22nd ult. & mind when after landing in Ross soon Gilbert McDonald and I went up to see after our usual peat Mosses and on our way up to the Moss Effy McKinnon or McDonald met and past us with a burden of peat. I mind of Gilbert saying when she past us that he was suspecting it was his own peats she had on her back. Again after this she went back the second time while we were looking through the peat Mosses. I saw her in a peat stack of Gilbert McDonald. It was Gilbert himself that first noticed her stealing the peats and cried to me. I then looked and saw. We were some distance from her when we first saw her filling a creel. She got it on her back and went away with it. We followed after her and overtook her. Gilbert charged her for stealing his peats. She did not say much. I identified the woman. I can give my oath that it was Mrs McDonald the Shoe Makers wife at Ardtun.