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   No. 304 (Polish) Squadron



Summary of Events          



Weather: Fine all day. Small amounts of cloud at 3-4000ft at midday. Visibility very good. Wind light, easterly.

The main party disembarked at SCARINISH, ISLE OF TIREE, from S.S. HEBRIDES, being welcomed on the jetty by G/C G.W. TUTTLE, O.B.E., D.F.C., Station Commander.


Weather: Fair but cloudy. Small amounts of local cloud, increasing temporarily to 6-8/10ths at 3500ft and decreasing during evening. Visibility unlimited. Wind E. to N.E., 10mph.


Weather: Cloudy to 0600 hours. Fine all day. Easterly wind with good visibility.


Weather: Fine, visibility 20-30 miles. Cloud 2-3/10ths at 3000ft, becoming no cloud in afternoon. Wind light N.E., becoming N.
Air party arrived at ISLE OF TIREE. With the air party was F/O S. R. ORSKI, from No. 300 Squadron, HELMSWELL, who succeeds F/O WALENDOWSKI as interpreter.


Weather: Fine all day. Small amount of cloud at 3500 ft about midday. No light cloud rest of day. Visibility mainly 8-12 miles.
F/O Z. DUNCZEWSKI and Sgt. F. NOWAK arrived at ISLE OF TIREE in the Squadron Moth.


Weather: Mainly cloudy. Some continuous slight rain 1500-1700 hours, and period of continuous moderate rain about 20.00 hours. Cloud mainly 9-10/10ths at 2500ft but lowering to 1-200ft in rain. Visibility mainly 6 miles, deteriorating to 2-4 miles in rain.
F/L J. ISZKOWSKI was posted to No. 18 O.T.U., BRAMCOTE, for instructor duties.


Weather: Mainly fair, but cloudy. 4-7/10ths cloud at 2500-3000ft. Visibility mainly 12 miles.


Weather: Mainly cloudy. Period of moderate light rain at 1600-1700 hours. Cloud mainly 8-9/10ths at 1500-2500ft.
Seven crews undertook bombing practice in GOTT BAY.


Weather: Continuous moderate rain until 1000 hours, becoming continuous slight drizzle until 1200 hours. Cloudy for rest of day. Visibility mainly 6-12 miles.
The Squadron's first operational task under Coastal Command consisted of an anti- submarine sweep by 7 aircraft. Seven crews also carried out bombing practice in GOTT BAY.


Weather: Mainly fair. Visibility 12 miles. Cloud 4-6/10ths 2500-3500ft.
Four aircraft carried out an anti-submarine sweep.


Weather: Mainly fair, 6-8/10ths cloud in afternoon, decreasing to 1-3/10ths later in day. Cloud base 2000ft, lifting in afternoon to 3500ft.
W/C POZIOMEK flew to NORTHOLT and proceeded to POLISH INSPECTORATE GENERAL in LONDON for interview. He was accompanied by F/O W. WALTERA. Bombing practice was undertaken in GOTT BAY by four crews. Five aircraft were engaged in an anti-submarine sweep.


Weather: Cloudy with intermittent rain or drizzle after midday. Mainly fair in evening. Visibility 15-20 miles in morning, falling to 6 miles after midday. Cloud 9-10/10ths at 3000ft, becoming 5-9/10ths at 2500ft after midday. Wind light and variable, becoming S.E. Speed 5 mph.
The Squadron rear party, consisting of F/O HOPPER and 16 other ranks, arrived, completing the move from LINDHOLME to ISLE OF TIREE.


Weather: Fine after rain and drizzle in early morning. Visibility 6-12 miles, falling to 1-2 miles in drizzle. Cloud 10/10ths at 1-2000ft, falling to 100ft at times in drizzle, and lifting and breaking to 2-5/10ths at 2-3000ft in afternoon.
Five aircraft carried out anti-submarine sweep.


Weather: Fine in morning, becoming continuous rain in afternoon and clearing by midnight. Visibility over 12 miles, falling to 1-3 miles in rain and improving 6 miles later. Cloud 3-7/10ths at 3,000ft, becoming 10/10ths at 1000ft - 1500ft in rain and 100ft in heavier rain.
Four aircraft were engaged on an anti-submarine sweep. The Under-Secretary of State for Air, accompanied by the Parliamentary Private Secretary, visited the Station. The Commanding Officer and Officers of the Squadron entertained the Commanding Officer and Officers of No. 324 Squadron in the Officer's Mess.


Weather: Cloudy, becoming mainly fair with occasional showers in the morning and a period of rain towards midnight. Visibility 6-12 miles, falling to 3-4 miles in showers. Cloud 9-10/10ths at 1500ft, breaking to 3-6/10ths at 2500ft but 8-10/10ths at 1000-200ft in showers and rain.
Five aircraft carried out an anti-submarine sweep. News was received that F/O PIWOWAREK, Sgt KLUS, Sgt SOLECKI and Sgt WALUKIEWICZ, whose aircraft was missing from an operational flight on the night of 10th April, 1942, were taken prisoner in Germany, and that Sgt. JANIK, captain of the aircraft, was killed when the aircraft crashed.



Weather: Continuous rain or drizzle, clearing midday. Fine or fair later, with occasional showers. Visibility 2-4 miles in rain, improving to over 12 miles later. Cloud 10/10ths at 1-2500ft., lifting and breaking to 3-6/10ths at 2500-3500ft during morning.



Weather: Cloudy at first, becoming fair to fine, with rain in late evening. Visibility 12 miles.
Ten aircraft operated on an anti-submarine sweep and one of these, captained by S/L J. T. BUCZMA, sighted what was possible the wake of a U-boat in the vicinity of a convoy. Two attacks were carried out with depth charges but the results were not observed.



Weather: Cloudy, with showers all day. Visibility 10 miles.
Four aircraft were employed on an anti-submarine sweep, and the aircraft captained by S/L B. NOWICKI reported seeing a large oil patch on which three depth charges were dropped. W/C POZIOMEK flew to LINDHOLME. F/L F. L. BRAITHWAITE, British Adjutant, left on transfer to S.H.Q., ISLE OF TIREE, pending posting.



Weather: rain at first, cloudy later, becoming fair to fine by evening. Visibility 12-18 miles.
Wellington 1C aircraft DV671 arrived from No. 20 M.U., ASTON DOWN, on H.Q. No. 41 Group allotment 3759. F/O PIJANOWSKI left on posting for special duties, to the Polish Land Army, and was succeeded as Squadron Engineer Officer by F/O FIJALKOWSKI, from No. 20 O.T.U., LOSSIEMOUTH. Four aircraft were detailed for an anti-submarine sweep. That capt- ained by F/0 KONARZEWSKI sighted an oil patch but saw nothing further although it circled for some time.



Weather: Fair to fine all day. Visibility 12-30 miles all day. Cloud 1-3/10ths 3000ft. Wind calm, becoming light north-westerly.



Weather: Mainly fair. Cloud 4-6/10ths 2500-3500ft. Patches of low cloud between 1700-1900 ft. Visibility mainly 12 miles. Wind N.W. to N., 4-8 mph.
Nine crews received bombing practice in GOTT BAY.



Weather: Fair and cloudy with showers in the morning; becoming fine in evening and night. Wind light northerly, becoming south-westerly at night. Visibility very good.
Eight aircraft participated in an anti-submarine sweep. Wellington DV781 (Captain - F/O WALTERA) made a forced descent at sea. The crew took to their dinghy and were picked up after nearly six hours by one of H.M. destroyers. Of the other seven, that captained by F/L Z. HIRSZ sighted what was possibly the wake of a U-boat and attacked with 3 depth charges; and that captained by F/L R. FIGURA attacked the spot where the wake and swirl of a possible U-boat had been observed.


The fol

lowing appeared in H.Q. Bomber Command Routine Orders dated 21st May, 1942:



NOTABLE WAR SERVICES. The Commander-in-Chief wishes to bring to the notice of all ranks in the Command the courage and determination and skilful airmanship displayed by Acting Squadron Leader K. CZETOWICZ and Flight Sergeant ZIOLKOWSKI, K., both of No. 304 (Polish) Squadron.

2.                    On the night of 24th April, 1942, this officer and N.C.O. were Captain and 2nd Pilot respectively of a Wellington 1C aircraft detailed to carry out an operational flight to ROSTOK. On the outward journey a surprise attack was made on the aircraft by an enemy fighter which opened fire with machine gun and cannon, wounding the rear gunner in the arm.. The Captain, while at the controls, also received wounds in the right arm as the result of which he momentarily lost control of the aircraft, but by great effort, and despite the pain he was suffering, he managed to regain control at 12,000ft.

3.                    Control of the aircraft, which had been rendered very difficult by the extensive damage sustained, was then taken over by the second pilot, the bombs jett- isoned by the Navigator, and course was set for base. Despite the heavy damage which had rendered the hydraulic system and the undercarriage unserviceable, the second pilot made a successful belly-landing without further injury to the crew. The safe return of the air- craft to base can only be attributed to the fortitude and great skill shown by both the Captain and 2nd Pilot.

Ronald Graham,
Air Vice Marshal,
1/c Administration,

[signature of W/C]
Wing Commander, Commanding
No. 304 (Polish) Squadron,
R.A.F. Station,      TIREE



Weather; Cloudy with intermittent rain. Visibility 4-5 miles. Winds southerly, becoming south-westerly, gsuting to 15 mph.
A/S/L K. CZETOWICZ was posted non-effective sick to R.A.F. Station LINDHOLME. F/S W. MILNE was posted to R.A.F Station, MOUNTBATTEN, for W.O.M./A.G. duties



Weather: Cloudy with rain until midday; becoming cloudy. Visibilty 4-5 miles in rain; 5-10 miles after midday. Winds southwesterly, 20 mph.
All the members of the crew of Sgt. JONSKI, who were rescued form the Atlantic after their aircraft had been ditched while on an anti-submarine sweep on 31st May, 1942, returned to their unit, with the exception of F/O WALTERA, who was detained in hospital in GLASGOW for X-ray examination.
A/F/L F.L. BRAITHWAITE, British Adjutant, proceeded to No. 1 P.D.C., WEST KIRBY, pending posting overseas.



Weather: Cloudy, rain at night, becoming fresher. Visibility in rain 3 miles. Wind south- westerly 18 mph.



Weather: Cloudy, with fog and showers at times. Visibility moderate to poor in morning, improving in evening. Wind light, southerly, followed by light north-westerly. Cloud 10/10ths at 1500ft.
Wellington 1C aircraft DV920 arrived from No. 23 M.U., ALDERGROVE, on H.Q. No. 41 Group allotment 41G/4766. S/L KONCZEWSKI arrived on posting to the Squadron from R.A.F. Station, LINDHOLME, for duties in connection with the Polish Committee of Adjustment. Three air- craft operated on an anti-submarine sweep.



Weather: Fine, good visibility. Light wind early morning. Breaking cloud at 3000ft., with light southerly wind developing during day, and occasional showers. Visibility deterior- ating to 6 miles from 30 miles, with light southerly winds.
Five aircraft took part in an anti-submarine sweep.



Weather: Overcast with poor visibility, deteriorating about 0900 hours with cloud and drizzle. Cloud base down to 100ft., visibility very poor. Wind north-easterly, 10mph.
W/C S. POZIOMEK and F/O S.R. ORSKI proceeded by air to R.A.F. Station, DALE to discuss arrangements for the removal of the squadron to that station.



Weather: Mainly fair, with showers. Cloud 4-6/10ths at 200-250ft. In showers. Visibility mainly 6-12 miles. Wind north-westerly, 10-15 mph.
An anti-submarine sweep was carried out by five aircraft.



Weather: Partly cloudy, showers at times. Visibility 15 miles, wind north-north-westerly, 80 mph all day. W/C POZIOMEK flew to NOTHOLT via LINDHOLME for discussions in LONDON with the Polish Inspectorate General, returning the following day. Wellington 1C aircraft 1704 was flown to the Fleet Air Arm M.U., GOSPORT, for major inspection. Six aircraft carried out an anti-submarine sweep.



Weather: Layers of cloud at 2500ft. Visibility 10 miles. Four aircraft were employed on an anti-submarine sweep and one of the crews, captained by F/L Z. HIRSZ, reported on their return that they had attacked a probable U-boat with four depth charges. An oil streak four miles long was observed following the attack.



Weather: Small amount of cloud at 3500ft, with much sunshine and fair periods. Light nor- therly wind. Exceptional visibility.



Weather: Partly cloudy, becoming cloudy. Some drizzle at midday. Visibility poor. Wind northerly 5 mph.
A party flew from R.A.F Station, LINDHOLME, to receive on behalf of No. 305 (Polish) Squadron the Polish Air Force flag which had been held for three months by this Squadron. W/C BEILL, Commanding Officer of No. 305 Squadron, personally received the standard from W/C POZIOMEK before a parade of personnel of No. 304 Squadron. The advance party of the Squadron flew to R.A.F. Station, DALE.



The Squadron main party left ISLE OF TIREE on transfer to R.A.F Station, DALE (No. 19 Group, Coastal Command), proceeding by boat to OBAN, thence by train to HAVERFORDWEST.



Personnel of the main party arrived at DALE. A/F/O S.H. HOPPER, Squadron Education Officer, was attached to No. 1 P.D.C., WEST KIRBY, pending embarkation for overseas duties.



Sixteen of the Squadron aircraft arrived at R.A.F. Station, DALE, from ISLE OF TIREE, with the personnel of the air party. Before leaving TIREE a parade of Squadron personnel was held at which G/C G.W. TUTTLE, Station Commander, thanked the Squadron for its work on behalf of No. 15 Group, Coastal Command, while they had been at TIREE, and expressed his regret at their departure. He then shook hands with all personnel and the 16 aircraft took part in a fly-past. P/O GOWAR was attached to the Squadron from R.A.F. Station, ISLE OF TIREE (supernumerary) for Intelligence duties.



The remaining 6 Wellington 1C aircraft and the Tiger Moth of the Squadron arrived at R.A.F Station, DALE, completing the move of the squadron from ISLE OF TIREE.

[signature of W/C]
Wing Commander, Commanding
No. 304 (Polish) Squadron,
R.A.F. Station,      DALE.