We whose names are hereunto subscribed, being residenters [sic] and Parishioners in the Island of Tiree, or otherwise connected therewith, fully sensible of the injurious extent to which the custom of providing entertainments and drinking ardent spirits at funerals has hitherto been carried in this Parish, and well aware of the perilous effect which – – – to produce, and has actually produced, on the temporal interests as well as on the moral and religious character of the Inhabitants, and the disgusting scenes of intemperance to which it has frequently given rise, sometimes terminating in riots, quarrels and bloodshed; consider it our duty to use all proper means in our power to discourage and check a prac[tice] so unseemly in itself and so injurious in its consequences, which tho’ of ancient date can only be regarded as a remnant of barbarism, and must be reprobated by every friend to decency and propriety of conduct. We have accordingly adopted the following resolutions, which we hereby promise and bind ourselves to adhere to.

1. That, as far as our example or influence may extend, the persons who may be invited or coll[ect]ed on such occasions shall in no case receive more than one Wine-glass of Spirits each, to be given them (if any refreshment is at all offered or deemed necessary) at the house from whence the funeral proceeds.

2. That no spirits or means of entertainment of any kind shall on any account be brought to the place of interment; but all the Company shall be allowed to disperse at the burial ground, and proceed quietly homewards without further feasting or carousing.

3. That none of the Subscribers will countenance or Sanction in other persons in this Parish a breach of these Resolutions, by remaining in any Company or in any place where they are not duly attended to.

4. That every Subscriber who shall be guilty of infringing these Resolutions hereby binds and obliges himself to pay a penalty of five Pounds Sterling for every such offence, for the benefit of the Poor of the Parish.

5. Finally, That the Tenantry and Inhabitants in general shall be encouraged, and shall have an opportunity afforded them, to concur in these Resolutions; and that His Grace the Duke of Argyll be requested to sanction them by his authority and influence, in order to their proper observance.

Octr 1847

(Signed) N. MacLean Minr of Tiree

Colin Campbell      Bailephetrish

George MacLean   Hynish

Alexr Campbell      Hough

Donald Campbell   Reef