The Manse


18th Aug. 1845


I regret that my late absence from during a fortnight or upwards prevented my receiving or answering sooner your letter of the 14th ulto.

In estimating the number of families in this Island who can speak English I cannot pretend to entire accuracy and it may perhaps be sufficient for his Grace's purpose if we approach the truth.

The total number of resident families may be reckoned in round numbers about 800, of these I am of opinion there are at least 600 families in which some person can speak less or more English. There are not probably above 15 Families of which all the members speak English; and not more than two or three families connected with Skerry-vore Lighthouse works who are not natives where English only is spoken.

In all the schools here, with the exception of two Gaelic Schools, all the children are taught English, and I cannot be more exact in stating their numbers than giving them as they appeared to be at the time of the last Examination in Spring.

Two Parochial Schools


General Assembly School


School supported by the Society for propagating


Christian Knowledge


Other Schools taught on Teacher's own adventure




I remain Yr

Rev. N. MacLean