Township: heylipol


Crofters Commission report 1904 about croft enlargements at Cornaigbeg, Kenovay and Balinoe.

Photocopied extracts from the Report by The Crofters Commision (1905) regarding applications by six crofters of Cornaigbeg and Kenovay to enlarge their land holdings into parts of Crossapol Farm tenanted by Thomas Barr, and applications by five crofters of Balinoe to extend their holdings into Heylipol Farm tenanted by Hugh MacDiarmid.

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13 woodcarving chisels ca 1890

Set of 13 wood and brass handled, steel woodcarving chisels belonging to James MacDonald, Balemartine (Seumas a` Ghille) (donor`s father) who was a ship`s engineer. He had gone as a boy to Lady Victoria`s woodworking classes in the Lodge, around 1910, and helped to carve Heylipol Church pulpit. Mixture of two sets of chisels: 1. JB Adams & Sons, Sheffield, ca 1890, and 2. Merring Bros., London.


Photograph of the wedding of Ray Thornton and Cathy `Hume` MacLean during WWII

Black & white photograph of a couple married at Heylipol Church during 1939-1945. L-R: unknown bestman, Ray Thornton, Cathy MacLean, Nancy MacLean (married Murdoch Sinclair). Original stored in 2014.5.1 filing cabinet 10 drawer 1.



Information about the tradition of `Lining Out` the Psalm at Church services pre-1940

Composition by Ailean Boyd about the tradition of `Lining Out the Psalm` in Tiree churches, whereby the precentor chants out each line before it is sung collectively by the congregation. It appears to have come to an end in the mid- to late-1930s. Includes a ‘Short Note’ on the subject published in Scottish Reformation Society Historical Journal, Vol. 4, 2014, and notes about the correct name for Heylipol.


Photograph of a school medal awarded to Mary Ann Campbell (nee MacKinnon), Balevullin, 1903.

Colour photograph of a medal awarded to Mary Ann MacKinnon (b. 1888) of An Caladh, Balevullin, by the London Argyllshire Association in 1903 for “Gaelic and General Proficiency”. She went to Heylipol School and left Tiree at the age of 13. Original stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1.



Photograph of harvesting at Ailig MacArthur`s croft in August 2012

Colour photograph of baling in mid-August 2012 in excellent conditions on Ailig a` Chiobair`s (MacArthur) croft at Heylipol. Looking east from Taigh Dhonnchadh Dhomhnall Bhain at Ceosabh (now Bruce & Francis Kemps). This whole crofting operation was carried out in 2 days whereas over 50 years ago the former type of harvesting in this field would be undertaken over a period of 4 months through the various stages of harvesting. Original stored in filing cabinet 10 drawer 1.