Township: heanish

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Captain Hector MacFadyen of Heanish

Photograph of Captain Hector MacFadyen of Heanish aboard the paddle steamer ‘Bonnie Doon’ in 1911.


Hector MacFadyen was born in Heanish in 1868, the son of Lachlan MacFadyen and his wife Christina MacNeill. He qualified as a Master Mariner and settled in Bristol, spending most of his career working for the P. & A. Campbell Pleasure Steamer Company.

He is pictured here aboard the paddle steamer ‘Bonnie Doon’ in 1911 with his wife Emma Eliza Coates who is holding their fourth son Ronald. Many of the steamers, along with their captains and crews, were requisitioned by the Admiralty during World War I and deployed as minesweepers and coastal ferries.

Hector’s four sons also served some time with the company, his eldest son Hector becoming chief engineer. His third son Angus died aged twenty-one in an accident in Venice while serving on the ‘Cymric Queen’. Hector himself continued to sail into the late 1920s before retiring in Bristol where he died in 1953 aged eighty-five.

Copy of a photograph of Captain Hector MacFadyen aboard the `Bonnie Doon`.

Captain Hector MacFadyen of Heanish with his wife Emma and baby son, Ronald, aboard the paddle steamer `Bonnie Doon` in 1911.


Information relating to the family of Lachlan MacFadyen, Heanish

Family history of Lachlan MacFadyen, Heanish: (1) photocopy of page from scrapbook re the death at the age of 21 of Angus MacFadyen who was an able seaman on the `Cymric Queen`, (2) photocopy of three photographs of Hector MacFadyen, one with his wife, Emma, and son, Ronald, (3) page of photocopied newspaper articles re Hector MacFadyen, the son of Lachlan MacFadyen, Heanish, and a newspaper photograph of Hector`s son, Hector, aboard a minesweeper, (4) photocopy of Scarinish harbour from a 1959 calendar.


Audio cassette recording of Angus MacLean interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Scarinish on 20/11/01.

Angus MacLean of Scarinish talks to Maggie Campbell in November 2001 about his time in the fire service after the RAF left, the first fire leader Neil Gunn from Heanish and his team, the Western Area Fire Service in the 1950s, using a Hathaway pump, the fire box at Taigh na Beairt in Scarinish, the new fire station beside the hotel, the first fire tender in 1970, the better equipment under Strathclyde Fire Brigade, several fires including two fatal ones and the improvements in the service.

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