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Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 66, 8/9/1993.

Local news including changes in the plane`s schedule, the local Gaelic Partnership, the weather, LEADER grants, new Baptist youth worker, and news from the hall committee, the art exhibition, the school and WRI.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 1, Winter 1983.

Local news including the views of the newly-elected Community Council, the condition of the mains supply, the off-loading of mail and newspaper from Loganair flights, recipes, a letter from the vet about mineral deficiencies in cattle, improvements to the public hall, and news from the churches, schools, the sailing club, Boys Brigade, Womens Guild, WRI and Vaul Golf Club.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 2, Spring 1984.

Local news including an article by Meena Knapman, vaccinations by Dr Campbell, book reviews, the public hall, recipes and news from the churches, the school, WRI, Agricultural Society, cubs and scouts, and Vaul Golf Club.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 3, Summer 1984 (2 copies).

Local news including the condition of the mains water, the repair of the Baugh memorial, the Local Plan for Mull, Coll and Tiree which proposes replacing the ferry link with Oban with one to Tobermory, the opening of the Skerryvore Museum at the Signalling Tower in Hynish, crofting statistics, news from the Boys Brigade, Vaul Golf Club, WRI, the scouts, the school and the churches.


Audio cassette recording of Grace Campbell, Tullymet, talking to Liz Lapsley.

Grace Campbell talks to Liz Lapsley about her family and childhood memories, her schooldays, her life as a teacher, the loss of her parents and the shop, Scarinish Hotel and licencing, her mother`s working day, the hardships of youth, the start of the W.R.I., tinkers, blacksmiths, joiners, funerals, the first cars on Tiree, the plane landing on Gott Bay shore, local events and traditions.


Newspaper article `Around the Rurals – Tiree`.

Talk by Julie Paton of the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, and a donation of hand-knitted blankets to the Children`s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) which were made by the ladies of the luncheon club.


Newspaper cutting `Community Spotlight on Tiree`, 1993

Oban Times feature articles about Tiree: (1) `Long live Gaelic` – the Gaelic medium Unit at Tiree High School with photograph, (2) Photograph of Tiree SWRI: L-R: (back) Fiona MacKinnon, Kirkapol; Mary Ann MacDonald, Heanish; Anneen Black, Ruaig; ?; ?; Mary Davies, Crossapol; Margaret Green, Mannal; (front) ?; Isabel Weatherston, Scarinish; Sandra Tester, Balinoe; ?, (3) `Tiree`s medal man` – about Norman MacIver and his collection of 975 medals and trophies for dancing, with photograph, (4) `Island music tour` – Glasgow-based rock bank Wanted visit Tiree, funded by EC Leader, (5) `Prize-winning pupil` – Duncan Hunter, Cornaigmore, won the GRAB logo competition with a photograph of himself being presented with a cheque for £100 by Isabel MacKay, manageress of the Co-op, (6) `Co-op man selected` – Andy Hayes represented the Scottish Co-op at an educational conference in Germany, with photo, (7) `Playgroup smiles` – photograph of Tiree`s English playgroup, (8) `Winning recipe` – Short article about Mabel MacArthur`s carrageen pudding, (9) `Ceilidh band play for the elderly` – photograph of Cornaig Ceilidh Band at Tigh a` Rudha.


The Tiree SWRI entry

Photograph of the Tiree SWRI team’s entry at the Federation Show on Mull in 1986.


Courtesy of Mrs Johann MacKinnon

The first women’s rural institute was formed in Ontario, Canada in 1897. The movement spread to Europe and in 1917 the first Scottish institute was formed in East Lothian. The aims of the organisation were to combat rural isolation and to share methods of practical domestic economy.

Local institutes compete against each other and this photograph shows the Tiree team’s entry at the Federation Show on Mull in 1986. The Christmas cake made by Bella MacKinnon of Hough received first prize; second prize went to Johann MacKinnon of Barrapol for her knitted Arran cushion cover.

Elizabeth Robertson of Gott entered homemade wine and Vera Goldie of Baugh hand-made flowers. The tablecloth, which was part of the presentation, was embroidered by Bella MacKinnon.

Colour photograph of Tiree entry for WRI competition in Mull.

WRI entry for compettion in Mull in 1986. Christmas cake made by Bella MacKinnon, Hough (1st prize); Arran cushion cover by Johann MacKinnon, Barrapol (2nd prize); wine by Elizabeth Robertson, Gott; flowers by Vera Goldie, Baugh; tablecloth (part of presentation) made by Bella MacKinnon, Hough.


Newspaper article `Around the Rurals – Tiree`.

Short article about Tiree WRI, embroidery and talk by Elaine Williams on `Argyll College and Community Education`.

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