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WWII mine installed at An Iodhlann

mine at an iodhlannA sea mine recently discovered under gravel on the Sandaig shore, is now on display outside An Iodhlann. When a Bomb Disposal Team dug up the mine on the 3rd of August, it was found to be empty of explosive, safe and reasonably intact. We have positioned it so that its innards are visible, as well as the locations of detonation horns and the hole where a time-sensitive self-destruct mechanism was installed. Hundreds of pebbles and shells are fused onto its surface. Tens of thousands of similar mines were laid around the Hebrides and the North Sea during the first and second world wars.


Photograph of a bronze plaque commemorating Private Hugh Lamont of Balemartine (1897-1917), and inscribed with the words “He died for freedom and honour”.


These round commemorative plaques, measuring about 11.5 cm in diameter, were given to the next of kin of men and women who died in the Great War, WWI, 1914-1918. They were accompanied by a commemorative scroll (see 2009.89.2).