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Photograph of two RAF personnel relaxing in a nissan hut, Tiree ca. 1944.

Black & white photograph of Derek Dolwin (reclining on bed) and a fellow crew member of RAF 518 Met. Obs. Squadron, relaxing whilst off duty on Tiree during WWII. (Original in filing cabinet 8 drawer 3)



Photograph of the RAF Tiree telephone exchange during WWII.

Black & white photograph of Derek Dolwin, Warrant Officer of RAF Tiree 518 Squadron, wearing headphones at (possibly) the telephone exchange at RAF Tiree around 1944. Derek was a member of the flight crew that took the metereological readings that facilitated the D-Day landing (see www.dolwin.demon.co.uk). (Original in filing cabinet 8 drawer 3)



Box of draughtsman`s compasses.

Wooden box (220 x 157 x 58 mm) with small brass plaque on lid with `A M 1939` containing a set of draughtsman`s compasses, made by Aston & Mander of London. Thought to be an instrument set used by the Met Office during WWII.

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