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Newspaper article, 1986, “Of seers, witches and ghosts” about 19th century seer John MacLean

Original and photocopy of a newspaper article by Niall M. Brownlie, Barrapol, about John MacLean, Ruaig & Hough, a well known 19th century `seer` of the future who foresaw the first and second world wars, the arrival of the RAF on Tiree, the division of farms into crofts and the disappearance of townships behind Ben Hough (which were buried by wind-blown sand?).


Private investigation into fatal mid-air collision between two Halifax reconnaisance planes over Tiree during WWII

Short report by Peter Rackliff of his private investigation into the fatal collision between two meteorolgical survey planes over Tiree during World War II, in which all 16 crew members died. Draws on evidence from the official `Report on a Flying Accident (Form 765c)` – August 1944, `Weather conditions and Air tests`, extracts from independent eyewitness accounts of crofter Hugh MacLean, Barrapol and shepherd David McClounnan, and extracts from the `Proceedings of a Court of Inquiry (Form 412)`. Covering note from Peter Rackliff to Janet Bowler, An Iodhlann 22/05/09. Includes ring-bound updated version donated 17 Aug 2014.


Book “Never Forget, Nor Forgive” by the captain of HMS Sturdy.

Softback book by the captain of HMS Sturdy, which was wrecked off Sandaig during the second world war. The book recalls Captain George Cooper`s experiences at sea, particularly during his time as a Japanese prisoner of war. Signed by the author.


Account of Meteorlogical Reconnaisance by RAF 518 Squadron during WWII

An account of Met sorties at RAF Tiree duirng WWII, with a map showing Met sortie flight patterns. Presented by Wing Cdr. Bryn Lewis at an RAF Historical Society seminar held in the RAF Museum, Hendon in April 2004. Includes a programme of events at the seminar.


Photograph of F/Lt Milne`s crew of 518 Squadron

Black & white photograph of the crew of an RAF Tiree 518 Squadron aircraft captained by Flight Lieutenant Milne during WWII. L-R: Sandy MacGregor (Australian wireless operator), Dave MacKenzie (Scottish navigator), Peter Rackliffe (English Met. Observer), Allan Milne (Canadian skipper), Derek `Derry` Dolwin (English w.op), Wilf Davies (English 2nd pilot), Joe MacGilvray (Australian w.op), Ernie Mailow (English engineer). (Original in filing cabinet 8 drawer 3)



Photograph of two RAF personnel relaxing in a nissan hut, Tiree ca. 1944.

Black & white photograph of Derek Dolwin (reclining on bed) and a fellow crew member of RAF 518 Met. Obs. Squadron, relaxing whilst off duty on Tiree during WWII. (Original in filing cabinet 8 drawer 3)



Photograph of the RAF Tiree telephone exchange during WWII.

Black & white photograph of Derek Dolwin, Warrant Officer of RAF Tiree 518 Squadron, wearing headphones at (possibly) the telephone exchange at RAF Tiree around 1944. Derek was a member of the flight crew that took the metereological readings that facilitated the D-Day landing (see www.dolwin.demon.co.uk). (Original in filing cabinet 8 drawer 3)