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Audio cassette recording of Neil MacArthur of Moss talking to Maggie Campbell in October 1999.

Neil MacArthur (Niall Sheumais Alasdair) of Moss talks to Maggie Campbell in October 1999 about his schooling at Heylipol and Cornaig, working on the croft with his uncle, the people who used to live in Moss and the ruins that are left, the many cartwrights who used work on the island, the shops, illicit whiskey stills, the wells in Moss, cutting turf to burn instead of peat, singers and songs, people from Mull, the roads, the new church at Heylipol built in 1903-4 and a bad storm in the 1930s on the night of a wedding.


Audio cassette recording of Donald Archie MacLean of Kenovay talking to Maggie Campbell in December 1999.

Donald Archie MacLean (Dòmhnall Eàirdsidh a’ Mhuilinn) talks to Maggie Campbell in December 1999 about his childhood in Kenovay, collecting coal with horses and carts from puffers on the beach and the hard work involved, the people who lived in Kenovay including the carpenter and Rob MacMaster, his father who sold meat in Kenovay and Calum MacKinnon who had the butcher’s shop in Scarinish, the difference in the rules and regulations today, the kindness of people in Scarinish, and his hopes for the new century. Tha Dòmhnall Eàirdsidh a’ Mhuilinn a’ bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul anns an Dùbhlachd 1999 mu laithean-oige ann an Ceann a’ Bhàigh, a’ cruinneachadh gual le each is cairt o bhàtaichean guail air an tràigh agus an obair cruaidh a bha ’nn, na daoine a bha a’ fuireach ann an Ceann a’ Bhàigh, a’ gabhail a steach an soar, Rob ’Ic a’ Mhaighstir, athair a bha reic feòil ann an Ceann a’ Bhàigh agus Calum ’Ic Fhioghainn aig an robh bùth ann an Sgairinnis, na riaghailtean is na laghan a tha ’nns an latha an diugh, coibhneas muinntir Sgairinnis agus a dhòchas airson an linn ùr.


Audio cassette recording of Rosie MacIntyre of Scarinish talking to Dr John Holliday in September 1998.

Rosie MacIntyre (Ròsaidh Chaluim a’ Ghobhainn) of Scarinish talks to Dr John Holliday about her schooldays at Scarinish School, wartime activities, the Lodge where her mother worked for Lady Victoria Campbell, how Lady Victoria helped the island by getting a district nurse, starting a Women’s Guild, and setting up woodwork, sewing and knitting classes; she also talks the genealogy of people from Gott and Kirkapol.


Audio cassette recording of Hugh MacLeod, Cornaigbeg, talking to Maggie Campbell on 19/6/2001.

Hugh MacLeod of Cornaigbeg talks to Maggie Campbell in June 2001 about Charles and Archie (Èairdsidh Tuairnear) MacLean of Cornaigmore, where Archie lived, his work as a wood turner, the equipment he used and the furniture, spinning wheels and coffins he made; Hugh also talks about Garaphail, Lag na Gruachan, Druimbuidhe and Whitehouse farms.


Audio cassette recording of Hector MacPhail talking at Vaul Golf Club on 31/1/1997

Hector MacPhail talking at Vaul Golf Club on 31st January 1997 about Clydesdale horses on Tiree, Tom Barr, the Scottish Horse Regiment, his great-uncle Archie MacDougall, Tiree blacksmiths, shoes and clothes made on Tiree, weaving and carpentry, graveyards and tacksmen, Sir Donald MacLean, Tiree place-names, UK boxing championship Donald Lamont, shebeens and whisky distilling, peat and seaweed, emigration, fishing and Hynish pier, local boat-building.


Letter dated 15/7/2003 from Marion Boniface of Hailsham, Sussex with two photocopied photographs of spinning wheels made in Tiree.

Letter dated 15/7/2003 from Marion Boniface of Hailsham, Sussex with two photocopied photographs of spinning wheels made by Archibald MacLean of Cornaigmore (see photograph C67).


Audio cassette recording of Angus MacFarlane and Willie Robertson interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Coll Hotel on 10/7/2003.

(Continued from AC234) Willie Robertson of Coll talks to Maggie Campbell in July 2003 about peat-cutting when it was done by hand with the help of a horse, coffin making, caithris na h-oidhche and funerals on Coll, past and present. (Tape 2 documented on E00519)
(A leantainn air fo AC235) Mairead Chaimbeul air Colla anns an t- Iuchair 2003 a bruidhinn ri Uilleam MacDhonnchaidh mu dheidhinn gearradh mòine – nuair a bha seo air a dhèanamh le làimh, deànamh cisteachan-laighe, caithris na h-oidhche, agus dòighean tiodhlacaidh air Colla fo chionn fhada co-shamhlachadh ri dòighean an là an-diugh.