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Maps regarding the weather station at Cornaigmore, 1926

Photocopies of two maps pertaining to the installation of the weather station at Cornaigmore School in the 1920s. One is a plan of the location of the weather station at the school hand-drawn by Argyll Estates with reference to the Feu Contract. The other is a hand-annotated Ordnance Survey map showing the location in the context of Tiree. From Kew National Archives. Also see 2013.72.1 for accompanying letters.


Information about storms that ravaged the islands around 750 AD

Photocopied pages from `Origines Parachiales Scotiae, 1854` about a storm that ravaged Iona in 744 AD with the loss of any lives, and handwritten notes by Jim Hill, Coll, suggesting that the storm must have done equal if not more damage on the other islands. In the oral tradition of Coll the island was once divided into three by a great storm.


Extracts from RAF Tiree operations diary 1944-45

Photocopied extracts from the Operations Record Book of RAF 518 Squadron Meteorological Observers from 29th November 1944 to 25th May 1945. Includes `Date`, Aircraft Type & Number`, `Crew`, `Duty`, `Time Up`, Time Down`, `Details of Sortie or Flight` and `Summary of Events`. Greater detail is provided for February 10th 1945 when the aircraft got into difficulties after being struck by lightning around midnight. The crew are named as Willis, Mackie, Isabel, Gates, Uckton, Miles, Clark and Clark.

Click here for extract 2013.26.1


Booklet `Winds of Change` 2004

Booklet tracing the history of Tiree`s weather station and early flights to the island, the RAF, traditional methods of forecasting the weather and weather extremes. Researched by Dr John Holliday for a summer exhibition at An Iodhlann.


Brass plaque from a sundial that once stood opposite the bank in Scarinish

Brass plaque on a wooden stand engraved with “Presented by F & I Gunnis, in memory of many happy days on Tiree, 1931”, which was once part of a sundial/weather vane encased in a glass box atop a concrete plinth. Mr & Mrs Gunnis donated the sundial/weathervane in 1931, where it stood on the side of the road, opposite the Bank in Scarinish until around 1950. Mr & Mrs Gunnis came on holiday to the Scarinish Hotel every year for many years in the 1920s and 1930s. Mr Gunnis had the shooting rights on Tiree.


Scottish Govt policy document `Scotland`s Marine Atlas` 2011

Large colour document about the geology, wildlife, environment and economy of Scotland`s coastal waters. Produced as a consultation document for the Scottish Government to shape the Scottish Marine Plan for future management of the coast line. Contributions by Ian Boyd, St Andrews University and Balephuil.


Book “So Foul and Fair a Day – a history of Scotland`s weather and climate” by Alastair Dawson

Softback book charting the history of Scotland`s weather and climate, and how they have shaped Scotland`s story since earliest times to the present day. Includes pointers to the future effects of climate change.


Black and white of Halifax from 518 Squadron in 1944.

Halifax P (Mk 2-1A LK966) of 518 Sqadron on Tiree just before take-off on its historic flight on 1st June 1944. The weather report from that flight was responsible for delaying D-Day from the 5th to 6th June.