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Sword bayonet from the 1800s

Short sword with brass handle and metal scabbard with belt loop, that could also be fitted to a rifle and used as a bayonet. Thought to be of French design from the late 1700s-mid 1800s – the slightly sigmoid blade is thought to be Asian influenced. Found hidden in the thatched roof of `Cnoc Bhiosta`, Kilmoluaig, by Ian & Sue Atkins during re-thatching around 2005. It is not known how the sword bayonet came to be hidden in the thatch, although the brother of Calum Iain `Bhan` MacKinnon (who once lived in the house) was in the Canadian army (hence French weapons) in the early 1900s, and may have brought the sword to Tiree during a holiday with Calum.



Information about the sword bayonet found in thatch at Kilmoluaig in 2005

Printed email from Steve Thomson to Dr John Holliday dated 6/10/11 with further information about the sword bayonet found in the thatch of `Cnoc Bhiosta` at Kilmoluaig by the Atkins in 2005. Type of Yataghan bayonet modelled on a Turkish sword shape and manufactured in 1873 at Chatellerault Arsenal, near Poitier, France.


‘Tiree – an unauthorised biography’ – a history of Tiree and its people by William Clelland, 2009.

Text on CD-ROM about the history of Tiree and its people compiled by Australian descendant of Tiree, William Clelland. Includes chapters on the geography of the island, archaeology and first settlers, Christianity and the Gaelic language, Vikings and the wider Scottish history, overpopulation, black houses, kelp and education, evictions and emmigration, Napier Commission, Tiree bards. Index. Appendices including Tiree place names, weapons held by Tiree men and whether `rebel` in 1715, Argyll Estate report of 1737, prisoners of the `45 rebellion, sales from farms, Old Parish Register for marriages and baptisms 1766-1854, households and population 1747-1901, Napier Commission evidence and witness statements 1883, population census 1779-1891. For appendices see 2009.123.2-11.