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Video recording of three editions of the BBC children`s programme `De a-nis` broadcast 1995-1996.

Three recordings of the BBC children`s programme `De a-nis` broadcast 1995-1996: (1) Allan Campbell of Kilmoluaig demonstrating wind-surfing; (2) Allan Campbell of Kilmoluaig wind-surfing, playing football at the school and playing the bagpipes; (2) Michael Holliday of Baugh playing table tennis with his mother Clare Jones, football with his father Dr John Holliday and at school and table football with his mother. (Each clip is 4-6 minutes long) The first programme has a 30 minute section about the history of Scottish bagpipes.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 303, 27/9/2003.

Local news including possible lack of funding for the Continuing Care Unit at Taigh a` Rudha, the lambs and sheep sale, the new Care & Repair scheme for the elderly and disabled, the open day at the Rural Centre, the Tiree Wave Classic and news from the school and golf club.