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Book ‘Vikings – life and legend’ edited by G Williams, P Pentz and M Wemhoff, 2014. Published to accompany a major exhibition at the British Museum, the book explores developements in Scandinavian society in a global context during the core period of the Viking Age (AD 800-1050).


Collection of 12 academic papers (1984-2013) about Vikings in the Hebrides including information on Norse names in Barra, the Hebrides and the N Atlantic area, Viking silver and gold artefacts, migration to the Inner Hebrides, Norse and Gaelic ancestry by DNA analysis, genetic evidence in Shetland and Orkney, colonization of the N. Atlantic, ethnicity, the Vikings in Gaelic oral tradition.


Wooden case containing 66 pottery shards.

Wooden case (550 x 325 mm) containing 66 pottery shards collected by George Holleyman from a sand-hill site at Balevullin during 1941-3. Documented on E00033. Reviewed by Dr Euan MacKie in summer 2000 (see 2000.167). Items further identified by Dr Ewan Campbell, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology in Glasgow, in July 2018: Norse ‘platter; early medieval; 16th-18th century.