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Letter recollecting visits to Tiree by the gandson of William & Effie Dickie, Caoles

Handwritten letter from Jason Mauchan of Canada about his memories of his times on Tiree when he stayed with his grandparents William & Effie Dickie of Caoles in the 1970s-80s.

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Collection of 20 photos from the Tractor Run and the Ploughing Display, July 2007.

Collection of 19 photographs taken during the Tiree Agricultural Show Tractor Run and the Ploughing Display at Kenovay, by Tom MacMilan of Rothesay with Clydesdale Horses Jock & Annie: (1) Donald Archie Brown, Balephuil, (2) Colin MacKinnon, Balevullin, (3) Seumas MacArthur, Moss, (4) Hugh Hector Campbell, (5) Alex MacArthur (Ailig Beag), Heylipol, (6) Duncan MacArthur (Sandaig), (7) Alasdair MacArthur, Sandaig, (8) Iain Brown & son Ewan Brown, (9) Unknown and Iain Brown & Son Ewan, (10) Tom MacMilan with Clydesdale horses Jock & Annie in Archie John MacLean`s field at the bottom of the Kenovay Road (Ceitidh Bhan`s), (11) Donald MacKinnon, Hough with Clydesdales Jock & Annie, (12) Clydesdale horses Jock & Annie pictured with their plough in July 2007. Also in view are Miss Mary MacKinnon, Mrs Sheena Beck, Elizabeth Brown, Iain Brown, Nancy MacKecnie, Angus John MacKechnie, Hannah MacKechnie, Anne MacKinnon, Donald MacKinnon, (13) The line-up of tractors in the Ploughing Field at Kenovay, (14) Jock and Annie, ploughing the field at Kenovay, with a large crowd of spectators, (15) Jock & Annie turning the plough around, watched by a large crowd of spectators, (16) crofters with the plough – Pictured with the plough from left to right are; Archibald MacIntyre, Gott (far left), Neil MacArthur,Moss, Tom McMilan(with plough), Donald MacIntyre, Gott, Lachlan Campbell, Crossapol Niall MacArthur, Kilkenneth, Lachlan MacKinnon, Parkhouse, Angus MacLean, Scarinish and Hugh Campbell, Garaphail. Roddy MacKay is filming, (17) with the plough from Left to Right are; Neil MacArthur, Archibald MacArthur, Tom McMilan, Donald MacIntyre, Lachlan Campbell, Niall MacArthur, Lachlan MacKinnon, Angus MacLean and Hugh Campbell, with Jock & Annie, (18) Pictured from Left to Right are; Jock & Annie, Donald MacIntyre, Lachlan Campbell, Angus MacLean, Hugh Campbell, Lachlan MacKinnon, Neil MacArthur, Ross MacLennan, Archie MacIntyre, (19) Pictured left to right are; Donald MacKinnon, Murdoch MacDonald, Hugh Archie MacCallum, Lachlan Campbell, Archie MacIntyre, Angus MacLean, Donald MacIntture, Lachlan MacKinnon, Donald MacLean, Neil MacArthur & Roddy MacKay filming, (20) Pictured are Donald MacKinnon and Tom McMilan working the plough in Kenovay July 2007.