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Update from the Atlantic Rising project 2010

Printout of email from Will Lorimer and sample internet content from the Atlantic Rising project. The Atlantic Rising team visit low-lying communities around the Atlantic edge that are being, or will be, affected by sea-level rises of 1m due to climate change. Includes Tiree, where Tiree school children and fishermen helped launch a huge message in a bottle. Will`s family have a second home at Hynish.


Invitation to the Official Opening of the Tiree High School Extension

Formal invitation card from the Strathclyde Regional Council Department of Education inviting Miss F MacKinnon (Fiona MacKinnon, Kirkapol) to the Official Opening of the Tiree High School Extension on the 3rd February 1989.


Tiree High School Newsletter, 25 September 2009

Newsletter of Ard-sgoil Thiriodh, Cornaig, Sept 2009. Contents: notice about a concert by prospective Mòd contestants to raise funds to send the contestants to the Mòd, maths challenge, head lice, dental health, harvest hampers, lunch menu, yearbooks and calendars, jewellery recycling, rugby club, forthcoming events.


Gaelic Unit school calendar for 1993

School calendar made by pupils of the Gaelic Unit at Tiree High School, Cornaig, for 1993. Made up of individual children`s line drawings for each month. Named children: Iain Caimbeul, Ros, Micheil, Seonag, Ciorstaidh, Ben, Domhnall – Rodaidh, Ailean, Iain MacAonghais, Cairistiona, Greum and Miari.

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