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Small, hardback book ‘Coll & Tiree’ by Colin and Eithne Nutt, 2019. A  photographic journey around Coll and Tiree in a collection of 90 new photographs. From the ‘Picturing Scotland’ series of books.


Book ‘Old Coll and Tiree’ by Bernard Byrom, 2018. A collection of old photographs from Tiree and Coll with detailed captions. Sourced from other publications and websites.


Booklet ‘Isle of Tiree: Eilean Thiriodh’ edited by Mona MacDonald, 1973.

Guide to townships on Tiree, with black and white photographs, local advertising and map. An abridged version of the Tiree section of the ‘Handbook to the Islands of Coll and Tiree’ written by the Rev. Hector Cameron.

Signed by Eleanor Miller (Hudson), Taobh-na-Mara, Balemartine, Isle of Tiree.


Softback book ‘No Shame in Fear’ by Alex C. MacLean, 2016. Alex C. Maclean was born on the Isle of Tiree in 1923, and lived there until the age of fourteen, when he went to sea. This is a first-hand account of the WW2 Atlantic convoys and the devastation of war. Stalked by German U-boats, cast adrift in a lifeboat, it also tells of the difficulties of the post-war period, in building a decent family life and coming to terms with his own history back on Tiree. Foreword by Donald S. Murray.


Book ‘Òrain an Eòrna – Songs of the Barley’, 2012. Collection of 20 of Tiree’s favourite traditional Gaelic songs from the island, with musical score, English translation and notes about each song. Includes titles: Am falbh thu leam, a Ribhinn Oig?; Lag nan Cruachan; Oran Mhanitoba; Air madainn Diardaoin thug mi cul ris a’ Chaolas; A Chaluim Bhig; Hi horo ‘s na horo eile; An tir isoal lurach; Fagail braigh Bhalla; Tir a’ mhurain; Tha mi fo smuairean air moch Diluain; Deoch-slainte nan cairdean a dh’fhag sinn air tir; Oganaich an oir-fhuilt bhuidhe; A’ chailin mhaiseach dhonn; ‘S e Tiriodh an t-Eilean as boidhche fon ghrein;  O, seinnidh mi mo dhuanag; Mnathan a’ bhail’ againn; Pilot; Bidh mi nis a’ toiseachadh; Mo nighean donn a Cornaig; Thogainn fonn fun bhi trom.

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