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Hector MacPhail talking about apprentice sailor Iain MacArthur

Sound clip in English of Hector MacPhail talking about apprentice sailor Iain MacArthur of Roisgeal in Caoles.

Hector MacPhail of Ruaig tells the story of the first voyage of Iain MacArthur from Roisgeal in Caoles on his uncle’s sailing ship. He was made to turn out in foul weather to change sail and to sew up the bodies of his fellow crew members after a fever had gone round the boat.


Audio cassette recording of John MacKinnon of Kilmoluaig talking to Maggie Campbell in October 1999.

John MacKinnon (Iain Chaluim) talks to Maggie Campbell in October 1999 about the people and places in and around Kilmoluaig, the use of lichen to dye cloth red, various ruins in the area around Loch Bhasapol where there used to be salmon and trout, the son of Sir Donald MacLean who spied for Russia, how the Green got its name, the once frequent sand drifts, the water drawn from wells, working crofts with horses, planting oats, turnips and potatoes, taking grain to the mill at Cornaig and the scarcity of people where they were once so plentiful. Tha Iain Chaluim a’ bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul anns an Dàmhair 1999 mu na daoine agus àiteachan ann agus mun cuairt Cill Moluaig, feum crotail airson aodach a dhath gu dearg, diofrach thobhtaichean mun cuairt Loch Bhasapol far am b’ àbhaist bradan agus bric a bhi, mac fear-uasal Dhòmhnall ’IcIllEathain a bha na fhear-brathaidh airson an Ruis, mar a fhuair ‘An Green’ ainm, na cathaidhean gainmhaiche a b’ àbhaist a bhi ann, uisge air a tharraing a tobraichean, ag obair air na croitean le eich, a’ cur coirce, neipean agus buntàta, a’ toirt sìol don mhuilinn ann an Còrnaig agus cion nan daoine far an robh iad uaireigin gu math lìonmhor.


Photocopied extracts from the County of Argyll Twenty-fifth Annual Report by the Medical Officer of Health Dr Roger MacNeill, pp 50-51.

Report (incomplete) by Dr Dan MacKinnon regarding the lack of shelter, poor soil drainage and the sanitation and water supply.



Schools in Tyree 1863

Transcription of John Ramsay’s report on Tiree schools in 1863.

Courtesy of His Grace the Duke of Argyll

In 1863, John Ramsay, MP for Falkirk Burghs, reported on the state of Tiree schools to the Royal Commission on Education in Scotland chaired by the 8th Duke of Argyll. Ramsay assessed the condition of the buildings, the quality of the teaching, the progress of the scholars and their attendance at school.

At the time of the report, there were eight schools on Tiree, two supported by the Church of Scotland, four by the Free Church Ladies Society and one each by the General Assembly and the Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge. Only three made a good impression.

The recommendations of the Argyll Commission were put into effect by the Education Act of 1872. Primary education was made compulsory for children aged five to thirteen and the control of schools placed in the hands of popularly elected school boards.


Ordnance Survey map sheet LXIV.

Map of the north-west and central areas of Tiree from Greenhill in the west to Baugh in the east, at a scale of 6 inches to the mile (1:10,560).