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Black and white photograph of Hector Kennedy of the Green.

Hector Kennedy of the Green, the husband of Jessie MacDonald, he worked with the Clyde Trust.



‘Na Teantaichean’ at Clachan

Photograph of the remains of ‘Na Teantaichean’ at Clachan, Cornaig in 2004.


Tiree was an attractive summer base for fishermen from the north-east coast of Scotland during the19th century. They favoured the Green, Cornaig and Salum which were close to the rich fishing banks north of the island.

In those days, it was common for fishermen to have shelters down by the shore where they lived and stored their fishing tackle. Two ruins called ‘Na Teantaichean’ on the shore at Clachan in Cornaig can still be seen. The name suggests they were roofed with canvas.

The fishermen who used the site moored their boats at nearby Port nam Bàtachan. One of the crew would remain ashore to cook and dig for bait while the others were out fishing. After a day at sea they would sometimes meet up at the inn at Croish in Kilmoluaig.

Colour photograph of `Na Tentaichean` at the Green in 20040

The remains of `Na Tentaichean` at the Green where east coast fishermen stayed in the 19th century, photographed by Dr John Holliday in 2004.


Mini-disk recording of Murdoch MacDonald, Kilmoluaig talking to Maggie Campbell on 15/1/2005.

Murdoch MacDonald, Kilmoluaig talks to Maggie Campbell in January 2005 about the people in Kilmoluaig, the contrast between how things were when he was young and how they are now, the nights he spent with friends during World War II, the things he did with Maggie’s father on his croft, and he lists the names of all the crofts and house in the township.


CD Pròiseact Thiriodh CD-SA1975-70.

Hector Kennedy of Kilkenneth talks about preserving food with salt, auctions at Whitehouse where the drams flowed freely, the first pub on the island at the Green, butter-making, tea, the local bards and Willie MacPhails’ relations.


Scrapbook produced by Primary 6/7 in 1994-5.

Scrapbook of 14 pages with 40 colour photographs of the children in P6/7 in 1994-5 taken around the island.