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Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 360, 14/1/2006.

Local news and events including the Hogmanay party in An Talla, the death of Peter MacLeod in a car accident, the appearance of Skippinish at the Celtic Connections music festival, information about Tiree Community Business and an update from Tiree Rural Development.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 358, 10/12/2005.

Local news and events including Blue Peter visit, A` Bhuain, the launch of the Crofting, Agriculture & Environment Strategy, the Craft Fair, the Creative Islanders Conference on Easdale and news from Tiree Community Business.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 357, 26/11/2005.

Local news and events including the community vote for a wind turbine, article by district councillor Ian Gillies about fuel prices, water supply to new homes and air services to Oban, the SABB grounded at airport because of high winds, and news from the Tiree Association, WRI, youth club, RSPB, school and Tiree broadband.


Letter from Tiree Development Partnership and brochure about the community wind turbine dated 28/10/2005.

Letter and brochure from Tiree Development Partnership about the community wind turbine dated 28/10/2005.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 356, 12/11/2005.

Local news and events including the community wind turbine, The Royal Bank`s fundraising event, article by councillor Ian Gillies, changes to CalMac`s discount scheme for disabled drivers, nomination of Skipinnish for Dance Band of the Year award and an article about tea tree oil.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 355, 29/10/2005.

Local news and events including the Tiree Community wind turbine proposal, Tiree Heritage Society summer events, the Wave Classic, news from the councillor Ian Gillies about the Health Board and water shortages, Tiree Community Council, news from Lodge Tir an Eorna, and news from the school and RSPB.


Photocopied poster for the Tiree Agricultural Show in 1957.

Poster for the Tiree Agricultural Show held at Crossapol on 24th July 1957 giving the classes of entrant, prize money and names of the 25-strong committee of men: Hugh MacArthur, Balephetrish (Chairman and Convener); A. McNeill, Balephuil; J McMaster, Kenovay; A McNeill, Balevullin; A Brown, Balephuil; A MacArthur, Heylipol; H MacLean, Balinoe; J McArthur, Balemeanach; D MacPhail, Heynish W.; D McKechnie, Kilmoluag; J MacNeilll, Balemartin; Surg. Capt. Brown, Mannal; J MacFadyen, Barrapol; I D McKinnon, Ruaig; D McIntyre, Gott; C MacLean, Caolas; D McKinnon, Vaul; R Nisbet, Heanish; J McLean, Cornaigbeg; G Paterson, Crossapol; C. McPhail, Crossapol; M MacDonald, Heynish E.: H MacKinnon, Crossapol; H Campbell, Cornaigbeg.