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Audio cassette recording of Mike Hughes talking about Tiree during World War II.

Mike Hughes talks about Tiree as a strategic location, description of photographs shown during talk, the wireless station, hangars and Nissen huts, aircraft, shipwrecks, collisions, the Home Guard, entertainment and some details of manoevres in around Oban.


Newspaper article about vist to Barra by Cornaigmore Junior Secondary School in 1974.

Group of pupils from Cornaigmore Junior Secondary School photographed at Castlebay pier during a visit to Barra in 1974 for three sporting fixtures: netball, football and hockey. L-R: unknown; Gordon Connell, teacher; Jane or Isabel MacLachlan, (boarded out); Donna Campbell, Middleton (BO); Catherine MacPherson, teacher; Ann Cameron, Balevullin; May Margaret MacDonald, Balephuil; Margaret Ann Campbell, Cornaigbeg; Christine MacClounnan, Balephuil; Christina Brown, Crossapol; Jill Robertson, Ruaig; Jane Weatherston, Scarinish; Mairi MacInnes, Ruaig; June Clarke, Barrapol (BO); Archie MacKinnon, Kirkapol; Drew Black, Scarinish/Gott; Iain MacKinnon, Barrapol; Archie MacFadyen, Balemartine; Torquil Donald, Vaul; Duncan MacPhee, Scarinish; Lachie Campbell, Cornaigbeg; Iain MacDonald, Cornaigbeg (missionary); David Monaghan, Kilkenneth (BO). Eddie Gillespie, Jacqueline MacFadyen, Brian, MacFadyen and Fiona Green nee Stewart were also on the trip but not photographed. Tommy Monaghan (BO) should have gone but had put a grape through his foot and was unable to play football.


The first plane to land on Tiree

Photograph of the first plane to land on Tiree in 1929.


Courtesy of Dr Hugh Kennedy

The first plane to land on Tiree was brought out by the Glasgow Tiree Association for their Sports Day held on the Reef on the18th July 1929. Piloted by Captain A. N. Kingwill, the two-seater Moth had the logo of Manchester Airlines painted on its side.

Islanders gathered on the top of Cnoc nan Deilgeanan in Crossapol to witness the landing. The plane carried on board a supply of the day’s newspapers including the Glasgow Evening Times which contained a message to the islanders in Gaelic from the editor.

Short flights on the plane were on offer at 2/6d (12p) a time and Captain Kingwill gave a display of aerial manoeuvres. Over the next few years, the Tiree Association brought out a number of small planes for the sports.

Black and white photograph of Tiree Association Sports Day in the late 1920s.

Tiree Association Sports Day in 1927 or 1928. Captain A. N. Kingwill was hired to fly the first plane to the island, bringing with him the day’s newspapers. Short flights on the plane were on offer at 2/6d (12p) a time and Captain Kingwill gave a display of stunt-flying. (Original in Filing Cabinet 8 drawer1)


Colour photograph of the winners of the jigsaw competition held in An Iodhlann, 2002.

The winners of the jigsaw competition held in An Iodhlann in 2002. L-R: Rona Campbell, Scarinish; nurse Kate MacCallum (nee Brown); Sophie Isaacson; Ann MacKinnon, Balephetrish; Laura Brown (Kate`s daughter); Jane Isaacson, Kenovay; Danny Lapsley, Scarinish.



Colour photograph of Tiree High School football team, 1996.

Tiree High School football team, 1996. L-R: (front) David MacFadyen, Graeme Smith, Michael Holliday, Ben Williams, Martin Gillespie, Craig Lapsley; (middle) Joyce Gillespie (P.E. teacher), Iain MacInnes, Alain Campbell, David Hunter, Donald Roddy MacKay, Christopher Gillespie, Ross MacLennan, John Campbell; (back) Jim Anderson.


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