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Black and white photograph of Heylipol School in the early 1930s.

Hillipol School, early 1930s. L-R: (back row) Flora Nisbet, Teacher; Archie MacArthur, Middleton Farm; James Campbell, Hillipol; Donald Archie MacDonald, Kilkenneth; Hugh MacKinnon, Hough; James MacKinnon, Moss; John Henderson, Moss; Willie MacLean, Barrapol; Donald Campbell, Moss; Archie MacArthur, Middleton P.O.; James Campbell, Headmaster; (2nd back row)Annie MacKinnon, Hough; Annie Cameron, Moss; Morag MacLean, Hough; Catherine MacArthur, Middleton P.O.; Katie Anne Campbell, Hillipol; Annie Walker, Moss; Peggy MacNeill, Barrapol; Janet Campbell, Moss; Archie MacLean, Hough; (2nd front row) Neil MacNeill, Barrapol; Cathie MacNeill, Hillipol; Flora MacArthur, Sandaig; Mary MacArthur, Sandaig; Annie Campbell, Barrapol; Mary Ann Henderson, Moss; Johann Brownlie Barrapol; Margaret Campbell, Hillipol; Peggy MacLean, Hough House; (front row) Calum Henderson, Moss; Hector Campbell, Barrapol; Neil Brownlie, Barrapol; Nancy MacLean, Hillipol; Nonnie Campbell, Hillipol; Hector MacNeill, Barrapol; Archie MacLean, Hough; John MacArthur, Middleton Farm; Neil MacLean, Hough. Original in filing cabinet 3 drawer 1.



Black and white photograph of Heylipol School in 1936.

Hillipol School, in 1936. L-R: (back row) Flora Nisbet, Teacher; Alasdair MacDonald, Sandaig; Neil Brownlie, Barrapol; Calum Henderson, Moss; Neil MacLean, Hough; Donald Kennedy, Balephuil; Neil MacNeill, Barrapol; Hector MacKinnon, Sandaig; Archie MacLean, Greenhill House; Hector Campbell, Barrapol; Hector MacNeill, Barrapol; James Campbell, Headmaster; (2nd back row) Archie MacArthur, Middleton Farm; Nonnie Campbell, Hillipol; Nancy MacLean, Hillipol Farm; Flora MacArthur, Sandaig; Mary Anne Henderson, Moss; Cathie Kennedy, Kilkenneth; Cathie Campbell, Kilkenneth; Cathie Hume, Hillipol Farm; Johann Brownlie, Barrapol; Mary MacArthur, Sandaig; John Campbell, Barrapol; John Hume, Hillipol Farm; (2nd front row) Colin MacKinnon, Sandaig; Neil MacKinnon, Barrapol; John MacArthur, Middleton Farm; Flora MacLean, Greenhill House; Kate Kennedy, Moss; Morag Kennedy, Traigh Bhì, Balephuil; Peggy Campbell, Hillipol; Archie MacLean, Hough House; John MacKinnon, Greenhill; Neil MacLean, Hillipol Farm; unknown; (front row) Donald Alasdair, MacLean, Hough; Mary Kennedy, Traigh Bhì, Balephuil; Mary MacKinnon, Barrapol; Flora MacKinnon, Barrapol; Effie MacKinnon, Hough; Ishabel MacPhail, Balephuil; unknown; Marion Kennedy, Kilkenneth; Hugh Archie MacLean, Hough House; Donald MacKinnon. Original in filing cabinet 3 drawer 1.



Black and white photograph of Flora MacDonald with a group of girls outside Melness in 1954.

Melness, Cornaigbeg in summer 1954. L-R: Donald Campbell, Kenovay; Euphemia (Fay) MacKinnon, Cornaigbeg; Mary Brown, Balevullin; Pearl Brown, Mary`s sister; Flora MacDonald nee MacLachlan, head teacher at Cornaigmore School; Mairi MacKinnon, Fay`s sister, married Bill MacFarlane the dentist; Rena Campbell, Donalda`s sister.



Black and white photograph of Scarinish School in 1936.

Scarinish School in 1936. L-R: (back row) Miss Jean MacFarlane, teacher; Mr Dixon Bennett, trainee teacher; Angus Munn, Heanish; Donald MacDonald; Lachlan MacFadyen; Donald MacLean; Lachlan MacKinnon; John MacDonald; Katherine C. Nisbet, headmistress; (2nd back row) Neil MacKinnon; John Peter MacDonald; Annie MacFarlane; Cathie MacDonald; Mona MacDonald; Hetty MacDonald; Flora MacFarlane; Cathie Munn; Archibald MacDonald; (middle row, left) Isobel Campbell; Mamie Miller; (2nd front row) Netta MacLean; Katie MacLean; Catriona MacKinnon; May MacArthur; Mary MacKinnon; Anne MacArthur; (front row) Willie MacPhee; unknown; John MacDonald; Donald MacDonald; John George MacLean.



Black and white photograph of Ruaig School taken in 1935.

Ruaig School, 1935. L-R: (front) Hector MacArthur, Caoles; Donald MacArthur, Caoles; Rena MacKinnon, Vaul; Lillian Graham, Ruaig; Janet MacFadyen, Caoles; Jan MacKinnon, Ruaig; Hugh MacLean, Salum; Lachie MacLean, Salum; (back) Robert MacLeod, headmaster; Peter MacLeod, headmaster’s son; Morag MacFadyen, Caoles; Alasdair MacLean, Salum; Minnie MacKinnon, Vaul; Archie MacLean, Caoles; Mary Flora MacKinnon, Ruaig; Margaret Graham, Vaul; James Graham, Vaul; Isabel MacDonald, Milton; Hector MacKinnon, Vaul; Mary MacArthur, Caoles; Angus MacLean, Caoles; Jessie Ann MacFadyen (or Mary Bell MacFadyen), Caoles; Margaret MacLean, primary teacher.



Audio cassette recording of Donald MacDonald of Heanish and Australia interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Scarinish on 19/6/2002.

Donald MacDonald of Heanish and Australia talks to Maggie Campbell in June 2002 about leaving Tiree at the age of 16 to join the Merchant Navy, his early memories of Tiree looking for birds’ eggs, fishing and collecting whelks; Donald and his sisters Janet and Isabel talk about the RAF on Tiree, teachers at Scarinish School, the shops, changes in farming and the village of Heanish over the years.


Black and white photograph of Kate Cameron, July 1921.

L-R: Kate Cameron, 1896-1928, with an unknown woman from the Faith Mission in Tiree in 1921. Kate gained an MA at Glasgow University, trained as a teacher and taught at Duisky School in Ardgour when she dies of peritonitis resulting from a ruptured appendix.