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Photocopied letter from Donald O. Maclean dated 7/9/1925 to Major Goldie at the Edinburgh Met Office.

Letter from Donald O. Maclean dated 7/9/1925 to Major Goldie at the Edinburgh Met Office about the erection of a telephone line to Cornaigmore and the five individuals prepared to stand guarantor for the annual running cots.


Photocopied letter to Mr A. H. Ross of Cornaigmore dated 14/4/1925 from the Superintendent of Edinburgh Met Office.

Letter to Mr A. H. Ross, headmaster of Cornaigmore School, dated 14/4/1925 from the Superintendent of Edinburgh Met Office about delaying the telegraphic weather reporting station on Tiree until guarantors can be found to bear 40% of the costs required by the Post Office.


Audio cassette recording of Hugh MacKinnon, Heanish, talking to Maggie Campbell in 2001.

Hugh MacKinnon of Heanish talking to Maggie Campbell about the Mary Stewart bought by his father for Donald MacLean, Scarinish; his work on the roads before the war; joining the Merchant Navy in 1939; his brothers one of whom was awarded the DSC for Bravery at Dunkirk; his teachers at school in Scarinish, fishing by boat off Heanish.


Black and white photograph of Heylipol School in the early 1930s.

Hillipol School, early 1930s. L-R: (back row) Flora Nisbet, Teacher; Archie MacArthur, Middleton Farm; James Campbell, Hillipol; Donald Archie MacDonald, Kilkenneth; Hugh MacKinnon, Hough; James MacKinnon, Moss; John Henderson, Moss; Willie MacLean, Barrapol; Donald Campbell, Moss; Archie MacArthur, Middleton P.O.; James Campbell, Headmaster; (2nd back row)Annie MacKinnon, Hough; Annie Cameron, Moss; Morag MacLean, Hough; Catherine MacArthur, Middleton P.O.; Katie Anne Campbell, Hillipol; Annie Walker, Moss; Peggy MacNeill, Barrapol; Janet Campbell, Moss; Archie MacLean, Hough; (2nd front row) Neil MacNeill, Barrapol; Cathie MacNeill, Hillipol; Flora MacArthur, Sandaig; Mary MacArthur, Sandaig; Annie Campbell, Barrapol; Mary Ann Henderson, Moss; Johann Brownlie Barrapol; Margaret Campbell, Hillipol; Peggy MacLean, Hough House; (front row) Calum Henderson, Moss; Hector Campbell, Barrapol; Neil Brownlie, Barrapol; Nancy MacLean, Hillipol; Nonnie Campbell, Hillipol; Hector MacNeill, Barrapol; Archie MacLean, Hough; John MacArthur, Middleton Farm; Neil MacLean, Hough. Original in filing cabinet 3 drawer 1.



Black and white photograph of Heylipol School in 1936.

Hillipol School, in 1936. L-R: (back row) Flora Nisbet, Teacher; Alasdair MacDonald, Sandaig; Neil Brownlie, Barrapol; Calum Henderson, Moss; Neil MacLean, Hough; Donald Kennedy, Balephuil; Neil MacNeill, Barrapol; Hector MacKinnon, Sandaig; Archie MacLean, Greenhill House; Hector Campbell, Barrapol; Hector MacNeill, Barrapol; James Campbell, Headmaster; (2nd back row) Archie MacArthur, Middleton Farm; Nonnie Campbell, Hillipol; Nancy MacLean, Hillipol Farm; Flora MacArthur, Sandaig; Mary Anne Henderson, Moss; Cathie Kennedy, Kilkenneth; Cathie Campbell, Kilkenneth; Cathie Hume, Hillipol Farm; Johann Brownlie, Barrapol; Mary MacArthur, Sandaig; John Campbell, Barrapol; John Hume, Hillipol Farm; (2nd front row) Colin MacKinnon, Sandaig; Neil MacKinnon, Barrapol; John MacArthur, Middleton Farm; Flora MacLean, Greenhill House; Kate Kennedy, Moss; Morag Kennedy, Traigh Bhì, Balephuil; Peggy Campbell, Hillipol; Archie MacLean, Hough House; John MacKinnon, Greenhill; Neil MacLean, Hillipol Farm; unknown; (front row) Donald Alasdair, MacLean, Hough; Mary Kennedy, Traigh Bhì, Balephuil; Mary MacKinnon, Barrapol; Flora MacKinnon, Barrapol; Effie MacKinnon, Hough; Ishabel MacPhail, Balephuil; unknown; Marion Kennedy, Kilkenneth; Hugh Archie MacLean, Hough House; Donald MacKinnon. Original in filing cabinet 3 drawer 1.