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Photograph of relatives of HMS Sturdy personnel at An Iodhlann in 2010

Colour photograph of relatives of the crew of HMS Sturdy at An Iodhlann on 2 Nov. 2010. The Sturdy ran aground at Sandaig during WWII with the loss of 5 lives. A 70th anniversary memorial service was held on Tiree on 30th Oct. 2010. L-R standing: Josie Brown, Mike Hughes, Dawn Springett, Mairi Campbell, Mr Fox; L-R sitting: Mrs Fox, Mrs Eleanor Wise, Commander Mike Gibson, Mrs Barbara Gibson. Original stored in filing cabinet 9, drawer 3.



Letter from AJ Gallier (survivor of HMS Sturdy) to An Iodlann, 2011.

Handwritten letter from Mr A.J. Gallier, Shropshire, to An Iodhlann dated 2/1/2011. A Gallier was one of the sailors who survived the wrecking of HMS Sturdy on rocks at Sandaig in 1940. His letter gives an account of the disaster and expresses his thanks to his rescuers and hosts on Tiree.



Photograph of the Sturdy memorial at Sandaig, October 2010

Colour photograph of the HMS Sturdy memorial cairn and plaque that was erected on the seashore at Sandaig on the 70th anniversary of the grounding of the ship on 30th October 1940 with the loss of five crew.



Photograph of HMS Sturdy memorial

Colour photograph of the stone cairn at Sandaig that supported the brass memorial plaque dedicated to those affected by the wrecking of the destroyer HMS Sturdy on rocks off Sandaig in October 1940 with the loss of five lives. Erected in 2010 on the 70th anniversary of the disaster as part of a memorial event. Photo taken in 2010 and donated by Bernie Smith, Balephuil.



Order of Service for HMS Sturdy memorial dedication, October 2010

Photocopied Order of Service for the HMS Sturdy memorial dedication held at Sandaig, Soroby graveyard and An Talla on 30th October 2010. The Sturdy was wrecked off Sandaig on 30th October 1940 with the loss of five lives.


Magazine `Warship World` with article about HMS Sturdy

Copy of `Warship World` magazine, 2008, with article `The Loss of HMS Sturdy` by Derek Fox. Also a letter from the author to Dr John Holliday, Sept.2010, along with a separate typed transcript of the article. HMS Sturdy was wrecked off Sandaig in Oct 1940 with the loss of five lives. Derek Fox`s grandfather, Ernest Fox was one of the survivors.