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Audio recording of Albert Gallier – survivor of HMS Sturdy wreck in 1940

Audio recording of Albert Gallier being interviewed by Dr John Holliday on 11 Oct 2012, about the fatal wrecking of the destroyer HMS Sturdy which ran onto rocks at Sandaig in 1940. Albert is one of the few surviving members of the crew that were on the ship that night, and recalls his memories of the event.


Internet page about the SS Empire Eland, Captain Donald Sinclair of Sandaig`s ship

Printed page from the internet about the steam ship Empire Eland (1920-1941), a cargo ship captained by Capt. Donald Sinclair of Sandaig, who was instrumental in saving lives when the HMS Sturdy was wrecked off Sandaig in 1940. He died when the Empire Eland was struck by a U-boat torpedo in the Atlantic on 15th September 1941.


Information about HMS Sturdy

Printed email from Henry Howland listing website links related to the destroyer `HMS Sturdy`, plus print out of some material including a history of the ship and online chat about a photo of the ship. The Sturdy ran onto rocks at Sandaig during a storm in WWII with the loss of the ship and five crew.


Photograph of the ship`s badge of HMS Sturdy, pre-wreck

Colour photograph (scanned from an internet page) of the ship`s badge of HMS Sturdy as it would have looked before it was wrecked on rocks off Sandaig in 1940. Brass rope edge, brass lettering “STURDY” on black, green and brown oak tree on white background, and brass crown on top.



Memoirs of nurse Bessie Barr who attended sailors of the wrecked HMS Sturdy during WWII

Photocopied pages from a notebook of memoirs of Glasgow nurse Bessie Barr recollecting her nursing days and Tiree colleague Katie MacArthur, and their efforts to help the crew of the stricken destroyer HMS Sturdy that ran aground at Sandaig during a storm in 1940.

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