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Report on the Tiree Evaluation Survey by Steven Mithen, Tim Astin, Erika Guttmann, Anne Pirie, Sam Smith and Karen Wicks.

Report on the Tiree evaluation survey conducted by Professor Steven Mithen and others from the School of Human and Environmental Sciences, Reading University in the summer of 2004.


Audio cassette recording of Dr Euan Mackie talking to Dr John Holliday in April 2000.

Dr Euan Mackie, Honorary Research Fellow of the Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow talks to Dr John Holliday in April 2000 about his career in archaeology, the excavation of Dùn Mòr at Vaul 1962-1964, daily life on the dig, his work as director, the changes in thinking of British archaeologists since the 1960s, the history of the occupation of the broch and the likelihood of Stone Age occupation of Tiree. (Continues on AC213)