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Audio cassette recording of Rev. Robert Higham interviewed by Maggie Campbell in the Manse at Gott on 19/8/2002.

Rev. Robert Higham talks to Maggie Campbell at Gott Manse in August 2002 about Christianity on Tiree since the 13th century, the Tiree chapels particularly those at Kirkapol and other sites of worship, the place-names associated with saints, the restoration of the Kirkapol chapels and the pilgrimage route.


Extract from ‘The Island of Tiree’ by William Reeves, D.D.

Transcription of an extract from ‘The Island of Tiree’ by William Reeves, D.D. about the ancient chapels and graveyards on the island.

Dr Reeves’ monograph on the ecclesiastical antiquities of Tiree was published in the Ulster Journal of Archaeology in 1854. In it he lists thirteen sites at Balinoe, Cornaigmore, Balephetrish, Kirkapol, Kilkenneth, Kennavara, Kilmoluaig, Barrapol, Hynish, Heylipol and Caoles.

In the Statistical Account of the 1790s, Rev. Archibald MacColl recorded that on Tiree there were ‘15 remains of old chapels or churches, at some of which are burying grounds and crosses still to be seen.’ Esrkine Beveridge in his ‘Coll and Tiree’ proposed sites for the two chapels not identified by Dr Reeves.

The first is Caibeal Thomais (St Thomas’s Chapel) which was situated with its burial ground on the outskirts of Scarinish. The second is on Cnoc Grianal, a knoll on the north-west of Ben Hynish near to Balephuil, where there may be the remains of a building measuring some 12 by 24 feet lying on an east-west axis.


Audio cassette recording of Angus MacLean, Scarinish, interviewed by Maggie Campbell in 2000.

Angus MacLean talks to Maggie Campbell about the crofts in Caoles going back to the 18th century, blacksmiths, boat-builders, stone masons and tailors, the mill in Caoles, standing stones and the stories and legends associated with them, the school and the many bards who came from there including Bard Thighearna Cholla.


Paperback book `Columba`s island` by E. Mairi MacArthur.

The local community in Iona from prehistoric times to the present day, with illustrations.


Nine Transcripts of Feis lecture `Columba`s Other Island?` given by Prof. Donald Meek in 1997.

St. Columba and early Christianity in Tiree.