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Audio cassette recording of a Gaelic Radio interview with Niall Brownlie of Barrapol in January 1998.

Radio interview with Niall Brownlie of Barrapol talking about his bilingual book Township and Echoes, the Viking influence on place-names, the difficulty of translating poems and songs into English, Tiree bards, conservation orders, early religion, St Columba and the churches on Tiree, the airport, links with Barra and World War II, Tiree seers and songs he himself has written.


Video recording `The Work of Angels – The Book of Kells`.

Documentary ranging across Ireland, the Scottish Hebrides and Coptic Egypt and exploring how the monks of Iona combined the influences of the East with Celtic and Pictish craft traditions to produce the Book of Kells.


Audio cassette recording of a 1997 Feis lecture about St Columba by Professor Donald Meek.

Professor Meek talks about the life of St Columba, Tiree`s monastic history and chapels. In English with a Gaelic introduction.


Audio cassette recording of Rev. Robert Higham interviewed by Maggie Campbell in the Manse at Gott on 19/8/2002.

Rev. Robert Higham talks to Maggie Campbell at Gott Manse in August 2002 about Christianity on Tiree since the 13th century, the Tiree chapels particularly those at Kirkapol and other sites of worship, the place-names associated with saints, the restoration of the Kirkapol chapels and the pilgrimage route.