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Audio cassette recording of Eilidh Kennedy`s 100th birthday celebration at Tigh a` Rudha recorded by Maggie Campbell on 3/6/2002.

Eilidih Kennedy`s 100th birthday celebration at Tigh a` Rudha featuring the Cornaig Ceilidh Band, pipers David Hunter and Martin Gillespie, Rev. Peter Williamson, Jean MacCallum talking to Eilidh Kennedy, Katina MacDonald, a song by Eilidh Oliver, and Mary Cameron singing a Gaelic hymn composed by Alec Hector MacPhail, Cornaig.


Audio cassette recording of Angus MacLean, Scarinish, interviewed by Maggie Campbell in 2000.

Angus MacLean talks to Maggie Campbell about the crofts in Caoles going back to the 18th century, blacksmiths, boat-builders, stone masons and tailors, the mill in Caoles, standing stones and the stories and legends associated with them, the school and the many bards who came from there including Bard Thighearna Cholla.


Audio cassette recording of Lachie MacKinnon, Parkhouse, interviewed by Maggie Campbell on 18/1/2000.

Lachie MacKinnon talks to Maggie Campbell about the division of Balephetrish farm into crofts for the men returning from World War I and various other houses in the township, growing bulbs for sale, crofting today compared with when he was young and the changes in social behaviour.


Black and white photograph possibly of Tiree Association event.

Tiree Association Gathering, year unknown. L-R: unknown; Dr John Edward MacKinnon; Mariona MacLaine, Scarinish; Nancy MacLean, Corraire, Cornaigbeg; Rev. Hector Cameron, `Locheil`, Cornaigmore; Hugh Cameron, `Lochiel`, Cornaigmore; Rev. Alexander MacKinnon, Kilmon; unknown; unknown; unknown; unknown.



The Duke and Duchess of Argyll at a Tiree Association concert in 1950

Photograph of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll at a Tiree Association concert in 1950.


Courtesy of Mrs Flora MacKinnon

This photograph was taken by George Outram & Co. Ltd after an annual concert of the Tiree Association, probably in 1950, the Association’s Jubilee year, when the gathering’s chairman was the 11th Duke of Argyll. Margaret, Duchess of Argyll, is in the centre of the photograph.

The evening started with an organ recital, followed by the entry of the platform party led in by the Association’s piper. After the chairman’s address, the audience was entertained by the Glasgow Police Pipers, a selection of Gaelic and Scots songs and dances performed by the Glasgow Police dancers.

The Association is still in existence today. Funded by its members, it gives monetary support to groups such as the Tiree Parties Committee and the Pipe Band, as well as providing prizes for the Awards Ceremony at Tiree High School.

Black and white photograph taken after Tiree Association Annual Concert c. 1950.

Tiree Association Annual Concert, St Andrew`s Hall, Glasgow, c. 1950. L-R: Harvey MacLean; Mrs Annie Campbell; Mrs Sybil Sinclair; Minnie Dickson; Mr Hugh Sinclair; Mrs Ann Brown; Mary Flora MacArthur; Margaret, Duchess of Argyll; Hugh Campbell, Port Glasgow; Nancy MacLean; President of the Association, the 11th Duke of Argyll; Mrs Margaret Campbell; Mr and Mrs Hugh Kennedy, Crosshill.