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Collection of poems about Tiree by author Donald Murray, 2011

Collection of 15 English poems written by Donald Murray (author of `The Guga Hunters`) during his visit to Tiree in summer 2011. Donald has Tiree ancestors and comes from Lewis. Subjects include corncrakes, family, houses, cattle, Skerryvore lighthouse, machair, St. Patricks Chapel, wartime, travelling around Argyll, hares. Includes a covering letter from Donald to An Iodhlann.


Photograph of “Taigh Bean an Sgiobar”, Mannal, ca 1900.

Black & white photograph of “Taigh Bean an Sgiobar”, Mannal, taken by Erskine Beveridge during 1896-1901. A later photograph of P133. Note that the gable wall has been painted and the garden and surrounding vegetation has grown. The figure is probably the wife of the skipper, Sinclair, who came from Orkney to work on the Skerryvore lighthouse.



Charts and plans for the construction of Skerryvore lighthouse

Photocopied pages of charts and plans from Stevenson`s account of Skerryvore lighthouse, published in 1843. Includes: map of Britain showing location of Tiree and Skerryvore, plan of Hynish showing pier, dock reservoir, lightkeepers and seamens houses etc., charts of Skerryvore rocks and minor skerries, plans of Skerryvore rocks showing during low and high tides, plans of the curves for the lighthouse towers, engineers sketch of the marine dynamometer, plans of the temporary barrack, scaled elevation of completed lighthouse, longitudinal and transverse sections of the lighthouse, engineers sketches of the balance crane used and Hynish dock. An online version can be viewed at https://archive.org/details/accountofskerryv1848stev



Report on “The Repair of Fire Damage at Skerryvore Lighthouse”, 1958

Photocopied report about (1) the fire at Skerryvore Lighthouse in 1954, the subsequent survey to asses the damage survey and plans for repair, and (2) structural repairs to the tower. Includes appendices of contractors & suppliers, and costs. Five black and white photos.