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Pair of Dri-Pac boot driers

Pair of `Dri-Pac` linen sachets bound together with cotton tape for placing in boots to dry them out. Green text reads “Dri-Pac. Moisture absorbent. Overcomes the problems of foot moisture and condensation in all types of footwear”, with instructions on the back. Made by Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd., Liverpool. Donated by Fiona MacKinnon, Lodge Farm, Kirkapol.


Papers relating to bard John MacLean, Caoles (1787-1848)

Copies of papers relating to the life, work and family of John MacLean, shoemaker, Caoles. Known as the `Bard Thighearna Cholla` he was born in 1787, married Isabel Black, Lismore, in 1808, emmigrated to Nova Scotia 1918, died in Nova Scotia 1848. Includes transcripts and photocopies of marriage certificate, a handwritten account of the sale of hides (1816), two letters to his brother dated 1838 and 1840, a promisory note for 9 shillings, a letter from his son Allan to him in 1847.


Audio cassette recording of Annie Kennedy talking to Dr John Holliday in September 1998.

Annie Kennedy of Scarinish talks to Dr John Holliday in September 1998 about Scarinish school, her teachers and school meals, Cornaig school, the MacArthurs’ shop in Scarinish, making oatcakes and baking, the history of Scarinish Post Office, the store at the harbour and butchering on Tiree, the shoemaker in Scarinish, the Manse and ministers, Donald MacDougald’s cèilidh house, the Scarinish Hotel and farm, temperance, Baugh guest house, the Munns’ shop, Scarinish golf course, the changes World War II brought to Tiree, the dance hall at the pier, Lady Victoria Campbell, large families, poverty and neighbourliness, gamekeepers Peter Anderson and Jock Graham, and the telephone exchange.


Black and white photograph of Donald and Christine MacKinnon of Balephuil.

Photograph of L-R: Donald MacKinnon (shoemaker and member of the Land Leagues movement), Alasdair MacKinnon (Donald`s brother and grandfather to the twins at Bail` Ur), Caroline Black`s father, Christine MacKinnon (Donald`s wife), and two children “who brought him up” (referring to Bernie Smith, Balephuil?)