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Wall calendar 2009 by Bernard D. Smith & Son – general builders and contractors

Card wall calendar (2009) by Bernard D. Smith & Son – general builders and contractors, showing a colour photograph of the coal puffer boat “Cle?shira” in Scarinish Harbour ca 1960.


Email about Charles MacKinnon who emigrated from Tiree to Australia in 1862

Printed email from Allison McKinnon, Canada, to Alasdair Sinclair, An Iodhlann, regarding her research into Captain Charles McKinnon of Sydney, who emmigrated from Tiree to Australia in 1862, and the ships that he sailed with, including the Bungarie, Melrose and Woodbine. Includes information on his descendents.


Family trees for the MacNeils of Balevullin, and the MacCallums (of Tiree) who captained ships during WWII

Family trees of the MacNeils of Balevulin and the MacCallums (of Tiree). Donald Archie MacCallum was captain of “SS Designer”, and Donald MacCallum was captain of the “Baron Inchcape” (internet photo included). Also internet photo of the ship “Huntsman” and a list of the fate of ships of the Harrison Line, with other internet pages about the Harrison Line Shipping Co.


Book “Last of the Puffermen”

Softback book “Last of the Puffermen – the real world of Para Handy” by Keith McGinn, 2009. Tales of the capers of Keith McGinn – a real life Para Handy – while he worked on the puffers on the west coast of Scotland for nearly 40 years.


Copies of a report and accompanying letters written by Lt-Cmdr Cooper of HMS Sturdy in 1945

Copies of a report about the recovery of POWs from Macassar, and two accompanying letters written by Lt-Cmdr Cooper of HMS Sturdy in 1945. The original report was written soon after the POWs had been recovered and outline the POW`s experiences, inter alia, of many of the survivors of the sinking of the HMS Exeter. Retyped from a carbon copy of the original report by a crew member of the Maidstone who had preserved the record for over 60 years.


Copy of letter containing information about Captain Donald Archibald MacCallum of Tiree, ca 2005

Photocopy of a letter from “George” to Donald MacLeod about a convoy of Navy vessels torpedoed during World War II. Includes information on Captain Donald Archibald MacCallum of Tiree, whose ship “Designer” was sunk on 9 July 1941, was taken prisoner but died when the U boat he was in was sunk on 13 Jan 1943. George survived his ship “Auditor” being torpedoed on 4 July 1941. Paragraph on faulty rescue strategy imposed by Admiralty.


Book “Never Forget, Nor Forgive” by the captain of HMS Sturdy.

Softback book by the captain of HMS Sturdy, which was wrecked off Sandaig during the second world war. The book recalls Captain George Cooper`s experiences at sea, particularly during his time as a Japanese prisoner of war. Signed by the author.


Newspaper article “Bell`s last journey has a familiar ring about it”

Newspaper article about the ship`s bell from HMS Tiree being given to the Isle of Tiree by members of the Royal Naval Association during a visit to the island in May 1995. Photograph of Allan Snowden holding the bell inscribed “HMS Tiree 1941”, plus Lt Cdr Fred Stickland and Lt Peter Duck looking on.

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