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Three academic papers regarding grey seals, 1959-61

Three reprints of papers written by John Morton Boyd (and others), Balephuil/Edinburgh, from the Proceedings of the Zoological Society, London, regarding the biology of grey seals in the Hebrides: (1)The breeding colony of grey seals on North Rona, 1959; (2) Observations on the grey seal at North Rona in 1960; (3) The grey seal in the Outer Hebrides in October 1961. Each is marked as belonging to Robert Beck, Ruaig.


Scottish Govt policy document `Scotland`s Marine Atlas` 2011

Large colour document about the geology, wildlife, environment and economy of Scotland`s coastal waters. Produced as a consultation document for the Scottish Government to shape the Scottish Marine Plan for future management of the coast line. Contributions by Ian Boyd, St Andrews University and Balephuil.


Hardback book `The Natural History of Seals` by W. Nigel Bonner.

Account of the true seals, the features that distinguish it from other mammals, the diversity of form within the group, their natural history and, in particular, how they have interacted with Man since early history to the conservation problems of the present day.


SNH Report No. 45 `Options for the sustainable management of discrete seal populations as part of a site-based conservation strategy` by John Harwood and ailsa Hall.

Report on the populations of grey and harbour seals in UK water, the factors affecting their survival and fecundity, their effect on human activities, in particular fisheries, and the generic management options for the favourable conservation status of seals.


Photocopied extract from `The Handbook of Scottish Mammals` edited by Gordon B Corbet and Stephen Harris, pp 37-43, 424-31, 461-80.

Information about hedgehogs, otters and seals giving descriptions, variation, distribution, habitat, social organisation and behaviour, feeding, breeding, population, predators and mortality, parasites and disease, relations with man and literature.


Book `Naturally Scottish – Seals`.

How to find, watch and identify seals, with information about their special characteristics and life cycle. Also information about the impact on seals of hunting, fishermen, pollution and the law.