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Photocopied Masters Certificate dated 1911 for Alexander MacKinnon.

Certificate of Competency as Master of a Home Trade Ship dated 27/1/1911 for Alexander MacKinnon.


Photograph titled `Tiree Captain welcomes Shah of Persia` from unknown newspaper, date unknown.

Photograph of Captain John MacDonald of Cornaigbeg, Tiree, master of the S.S. Persian Cyrus, receiving the Shah and Queen Farah at the inauguration of the Persian Shipping Services.


Photocopied extracts from two books about paddles steamers.

Descriptions of the paddle steamers `Bonnie Doon`, `Brighton Queen`, `Barry` (later renamed `Waverley`) and `Britannia` from `West Country Passenger Steamers`, with information on Hector MacFadyen senoir and junior.


Photocopies of a Christmas card of the `Taeping` and `Ariel` with handwritten information and an extract from a book.

Photocopied reprodution of painting `The Great China Tea Race, 1866` by L. A. Wilcox, 1965, (2) account from an unknown publication of the Great China Tea Race of 1866 giving the captain of the `Taeping` as Captain Keay, and (3) photocopied handwritten account of the Great China Tea Race giving the master of the `Taeping` as Captain Donald MacKinnon of Heanish.