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Fragment of pottery with a hole drilled through

Large fragment of pottery with a hole drilled through collected by Charles MacDonnell from Salum beach in 2009, and possible explanation of its purpose by Ian Hewitt of Bournemouth University: may have been used as a beehive, the holes being for ventilation. It may also have been a ceramic milk strainer used in cattle husbandry (see page 17 of  GW Davis 2011).



Email about Tiree MacFadyens and MacLeans that settled in Regina, Canada in 1885

Email from Barry Beesley to An Iodhlann dated 14/10/2004, about his grandmother Christina MacFadyen, Salum, who emmigrated to Regina, Canada with her parents Donald MacFadyen and Mary MacLean, her uncle Neil MacFadyen and his wife Effie MacLean, and her father`s cousin Donald MacFadyen and wife Flora MacLean. Mary, Flora and Effie were sisters from Cornaigbeg. Includes their genealogies and an account of their lives in Canada.

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DVD footage of a holiday on Tiree in the 1960s

Cine-film footage of the Muir family holiday on Tiree in the 1960s, transferred to DVD. Mrs Christian Muir (the lady with the dog, who gets a kiss from her husband) and their kids Iain, David and Kenneth, came to Tiree on a family holiday in 196?. The donor, Alex Newbery, found the film in Mrs Muir`s attic while clearing it out. She`s sure that they stayed at Salum or Ruaig.


Black and white photograph of Hugh MacLean of Salum.

Piper Hugh MacLean of Salum. Hugh emigrated to Australia in 1964 with his wife May and four sons. They settled first in New South Wales where Hugh worked in a meat factory and played in the Tenterfield Pipe Band. When the meat factory closed, the family had to move to find work. Hugh joined the Queensland Police Pipe Band.



Black and white photograph of the grandchildren of Lachlan and Catherine MacFadyen of Salum.

The grandchildren of Lachlan and Catherine MacFadyen of Salum, photographed in Lindsay, Ontario in 1921. Lachlan and Catherine were married in Tiree on 2nd February 1831 and emigrated to Canada shortly afterwards. They settled in Brock Township, Ontario where they had eight children.

L-R: (standing) Hector Allan (1869-1950), Lachlan Martin (1871-1959), Annie Belle (1873-1948), Catherine Jane (1877-1944), George Charles (1878-1961), Neil Malcolm (1880-1928), Millie Hannah (1882-1952), Linnie Hughena (1884-1930), (front) their mother Melinda Gilson (1846-1831), widow of Lachlan and Catherine’s son Hugh.



Black and white photograph of Archie MacKinnon and his wife Christena Clark. John was the son of Fingon MacKinnon and Christena McLean of Salum, Tiree and was baptized 23 Nov 1832. The whole family (including John’s six younger brothers) left Tiree aboard the Conrad in September 1851. Christena Clark was the daughter of Hugh Clark and Christena McLean of Ruaig, Tiree. She was baptized 10 Jun 1833. The whole family came to Ontario about 1846, settling first in Brock Township. Christena and John were married in Ontario about 1857. They had eight children, but only one married and there were no grandchildren. John died 5 Feb 1919 and Christena died 24 Aug 1918. They are buried in Tiverton Cemetery.