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Audio cassette recording of Hugh MacLean, Barrapol, interviewed by Hector MacPhail in Barrapol on 13/10/1995.

Hugh MacLean (Eòghann Dhòmhnaill Eòghainn Mhòr) of Barrapol talks to Hector MacPhail in 1997 about his family’s genealogy; the Reverends MacKinnon, MacArthur, MacNiven, MacLean and MacDonald of Barrapol and Sandaig and Cameron of Kilmoluaig; sea-faring experiences, Captains Angus Lamont – composer of the song `Lag na Cruachan` – and Donald MacArthur of Milton; the family of author Alistair MacLean; John MacLean, the Balemartine bard, and bard Donald MacKechnie; pottery, stirrups found in Balevullin machair and graveyards. Tha Eòghann Dhòmhnaill Eòghainn Mhòir a Goirtean Dòmhnall a’ bruidhinn ri Eachann MhicPhàil ann an 1997 mu shloinntearachd a’ theaglaich; na ministearan MhicFhionghain, MhicArtair, MhicGhilleNaomh, MhicIllEathain agus MhicDhòmhnaill a Goirtean Dòmhnall agus Sanndaig, agus na Camshronaich a Cill Moluaig; cleachdaidhean fairge, sgiobairean Aonghas MacLaomuinn – a sgrìobh an t-òran Lag na Cruachan – agus Dòmhnall MhicArtair a Milton; teaghlach Alasdair MhicIllEathain an sgrìobhadair; Iain MacIlleathain, bàrd Bhaile Mhàrtainn, agus Dòmhnall ’IcEacharna; crèadhadaireachd agus stiorapan a chaidh fhaotainn ann am machair agus cladhan Bhaile Mhuilinn.


Audio cassette recording of Donald MacDonald of Heanish and Australia interviewed by Maggie Campbell in Scarinish on 19/6/2002.

Donald MacDonald of Heanish and Australia talks to Maggie Campbell in June 2002 about leaving Tiree at the age of 16 to join the Merchant Navy, his early memories of Tiree looking for birds’ eggs, fishing and collecting whelks; Donald and his sisters Janet and Isabel talk about the RAF on Tiree, teachers at Scarinish School, the shops, changes in farming and the village of Heanish over the years.


Newspaper cutting about George Campbell and Princess Anne.

Photograph of George Campbell, 3rd Officer on the `Stena Pacifica`, with Princess Anne in the Seaman`s Centre in Dubai. (Cutting stuck on to cardboard)


Hardback book `Nicholls`s Seamanship` by A. E. Nicholls.

The prescribed subjects for each grade of the Board of Trade Examinations from Second Mate to Master. Includes pull-out page ‘Conduct of the Examinations’. Handwritten on the inside cover are the names J M McIntosh (crossed out) and Ian M Johnston.


Magazine articles `Tiree Portfolio` and `Gott Bay Pier, Isle of Tiree` from Caledonian MacBrayne staff magazine `Brayne Waves`, 1997

(1) `Tiree Portfolio` was written with contributions from Hector MacPhail and records which boats served Tiree, their captains, cargo handling methods, and improvements at the Pier, (2) `Gott Bay Pier, Isle of Tiree` was written by Alexander MacArthur, (Balemartine) who worked on the SS Hebrides. He gives an account of cargo handling including cattle and vehicles.


Information relating to the family of Lachlan MacFadyen, Heanish

Family history of Lachlan MacFadyen, Heanish: (1) photocopy of page from scrapbook re the death at the age of 21 of Angus MacFadyen who was an able seaman on the `Cymric Queen`, (2) photocopy of three photographs of Hector MacFadyen, one with his wife, Emma, and son, Ronald, (3) page of photocopied newspaper articles re Hector MacFadyen, the son of Lachlan MacFadyen, Heanish, and a newspaper photograph of Hector`s son, Hector, aboard a minesweeper, (4) photocopy of Scarinish harbour from a 1959 calendar.

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