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Ring binder titles `A Study Tour of the Ross of Mull`.

Account of visit to Ross of Mull in 1999 by committee members of An Iodhlann, the cattle trade from Tiree to Mull by Maggie Campbell, Tiree and Bunessan connections by Angus MacLean, Tyree peat in the Ross of Mull by Mary MacLean and a poem `Gael force` by Donneil Kennedy.


Audio cassette recording of Janet MacIntosh of Scarinish talking to Maggie Campbell on 21/5/2004.

Janet MacIntosh of Urvaig talks to Maggie Campbell in May 2004 about her schooldays in Balemartine, her childhood and wartime memories, Sunday customs, her travels round Scotland as a pilgrim, women’s clothing and work, baptisms in Tiree, the 19th century Baptist revival on the Ross of Mull, the Community Council, differences between the east and west of Tiree, self education, second sight and ghost stories, Tiree Bards, the hardness of life in the past with poverty, disease and the death of children; Janet finishes by singing a hymn composed by Neil MacDonald of Kilmoluaig


Booklet `The Tiree Crofters` Struggle` written by Ailig MacArthur in July 1986.

Account of the Tiree crofters` struggle for land reform written by Ailig MacArthur of Heylipol in 1986, the centenary year of the Crofters Act.

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Audio cassette recording of Hugh MacLean of Barrapol talking to John Donald MacLean in March 1998.

Hugh MacLean (Eòghann Dhòmhnaill Eòghainn Mhòir) of Barrapol talks to John Donald MacLean (Teòn Dòmhnall a’ Mhuilinn)about Tiree bards, the wreck of the Vivo and other ships, a cobbler in Mannal, collecting peat from the Ross of Mull, the fiddler of Sandaig and his genealogy, the kelp industry, the factor Iain Campbell, temperance, the weather, diet, agricultural methods, the beaches, cars and the arrival of the first plane; Hugh also sings some songs and plays a number of tunes on the electronic bagpipes. Tha Eòghann Dhòmhnaill Eòghainn Mhòir a Goirtean Dòmhnaill a’ bruidhinn ri Teòn Dòmhnall a’ Mhuilinn mu na bàird Thirisdeach, mun lon-bhriseadh Vivo agus bàtaichean eile, greusaiche a Mannal, a’ toir mòine on Ross Mhuileach, fidhleir Shandaig agus a shloinntearachd, obair a’ cheilp, am bàillidh Iain Caimbeul, measarrachd, an tìde, obair fearainn, na tràighean, carbadan agus mar a thàinig a cheud itealan; tha Eòghann cuideachd a’ seinn òrain agus a’ cluich fonn air a’ phìob eleactronaich.


Audio cassette recording of Alasdair MacKechnie and Angus MacLean talking to Maggie Campbell in October 1999.

Alasdair MacKechnie of Mull and Angus MacLean of Scarinish talk to Maggie Campbell in October 1999 about bringing cattle from Tiree to the Ross, the links between the Ross and Hynish when Skerryvore was being built, how fishermen came from South Uist to teach the Ross people how to fish at the time of the potato blight, the exchange of peat for potatoes with Tiree people, regular peat-cutting trips to the Ross from Tiree, the ferry links that used to exists; two songs are sung: Fàgail Loch Buidhe and Mhairi Mhin Mheall-Shieileach. Tha Alasdair ’IcEachairn a Muile agus Aonghas Dhòmhnuill Eòghainn Mhòr a Sgairinis a’ bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul anns an Dàmhair 1999 mu bhi toirt beathaichean as Tiriodh gu ’n Ros, an co-cheangal a bha eadar An Ros agus Haoidhnis nuair a bha an Sgeir Mhòr ga togail, mar a thàinig iasgairean a Uibhist a Deas a dh’ ionnsachadh iasgach do mhuinntir an Ros an àm bliadhna a chailleadh am buntàta, an t-suaip mòine ri muinntir Thiriodh airson buntàta, cuairtean riaghailteach do ’n Ros airson mòine, co-cheangal bhàtaichean a b’ àbhaist a bhi ann; tha da òran air an seinn: Fàgail Loch Buidhe agus Mhàiri Mhìn Mheall-Shuilean


Family tree for blacksmith Donald MacDonald and his wife Annabella Black and three photographs of gravestones in Tiverton cemetery, Ontario.

Family tree for blacksmith Donald MacDonald from Kenovay and his wife Annabella Black from the Ross of Mull and three photographs of gravestones in Tiverton cemetery, Ontario.


Petition from Poor Persons in Tyree for Aid to Emigrate

Transcription of a petition for assistance to emigrate appended to ‘Crofts and Farms in the Hebrides’ by the 8th Duke of Argyll.

This petition was sent in 1851 to Sir John MacNeill, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors for the Relief of the Poor in Scotland. Sir John was married to a daughter of the 8th Duke of Argyll, who appended the petition to his ‘Crofts and Farms in Hebrides’ addressed to the Napier Commission of 1883.

A hundred and thirty-six islanders signed the petition. Ninety-nine of them were landless cottars; the remainder were small tenants, of whom only four paid rent over £10 a year. They represented the class of islanders that the Duke was anxious to clear from his estate.

Around a third of the petitioners were given assistance to emigrate with their families on board the ‘Conrad’, ‘Birman’ and ‘Onyx’ in July 1851. Another twenty-seven families from the island left with them.