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Long metal rod used for drilling rock / `jumper`

Long metal (iron?) rod with star-shaped end used for drilling rock in combination with a compressor. From Baugh quarry during WWII. Given to Dr Holliday by Donald MacKinnon, Hough, in response to article in An Tirisdeach.


Photograph of the Decca Hifix radio camp at West Hynish in 1966.

Black & white photograph of the temporary Decca Hifix radio camp at West Hynish in July 1966, on the left of the picture (on the site that is now Agrimarine`s gravel quarry). The thatched house and barns of the last croft on the road are on the right with stooks in the field. Skerryvore lighthouse is just visible on the horizon.



Biography of A.K.Coomaraswamy (1877-1947)

Biography of Sri Lankan geologist A.K.Coomaraswamy (1877-1947) who conducted a survey of the pink and green marble deposits at Balephetrish in 1902. Tiree is mentioned in the list of his published papers in Table 2 (see 2003.16.7 for his survey report).


Email from Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, re geological survey of Tiree marble by A K Coomaraswamy in 1902

Printout of emails between Dr John Faithfull, Curator of Mineralogy & Petrology, Hunterian Museum, Glasgow and An Iodhlann about the work of A.K.Coomaraswamy, the Sri Lankan geologist who surveyed the green and pink Balephetrish marble deposits in 1902. Includes printouts from the website of the British Geological Survey “GeoScenic” showing photographs of Tiree marble taken by Coomaraswamy.


Draft report “An Assessment of Aggregate Resources and Requirements on Tiree”, 2002

Draft report on natural aggregate resources on Tiree, their current extraction rates and lifespans, and proposed strategy to safe-guard future resources and minimize environmental impacts. The assessment was carried out by Dr Paul J Henny and Mr Jon Merritt of the British Geological Survey on behalf of Scottish Natural Heritage and Argyll & Bute Council.


Audio cassette recording of Hugh MacKinnon, Baugh and Angus MacLean, Scarinish talking to Maggie Campbell in 2000.

Hugh MacKinnon of Baugh and Angus MacLean (Aonghas Dhòmhnuill Eòghainn Mhòr) of Scarinish talk to Maggie Campbell in 2000 about the people who used to live in Baugh, the ceilidhs they had at Christmas and New Year, the decline in population, emigration to Canada, the poorhouse, Drs Hunter and Buchanan, farms, horses, other livestock and crops, furniture and house cleaning, the quarry in Baugh, the airport and World War II, the Taeping, sea captains and the changes they’ve seen. Tha Eòghann ’Ic Fhiongain as a’ Bhàgh agus Aonghas Dhòmhnuill Eòghainn Mhòr a Sgairinis a’ bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul ann an 2000 mu na daoine a b’ àbhaist a bhi a’ fuireach anns a’ Bàgh, na ceilidhean a bha aca aig àm na Nollaige ’s a’ Bhliadhna Ùr, an dol sìos air àireamh nan daoine, daoine fàgail an dùthaich a’ dhol do Canada, taigh nam bochd, dotairean ’Ic an t-Sealgair agus Bochanan, bailtean-fearainn, eich, beathaichean eile agus bàrr, àirneis agus glanadh taighe, an gairbheal anns a’ Bhàgh, am port-adhair agus an darna cogadh, an Taeping, sgiobairean agus an t-atharrachadh a tha iad air fhaicinn.


Three anecdotes about ‘the Goilear’

Sound clip in English of Hector MacPhail telling three anecdotes about ‘the Goilear’.

Hector MacPhail of Ruaig gave a talk at Vaul Golf Club in November 1996, during which he told three humorous anecdotes about a fisherman from Balevullin nicknamed ‘the Goilear’.