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Audio cassette recording of Donald Archie MacLean of Kenovay talking to Maggie Campbell in December 1999.

Donald Archie MacLean (Dòmhnall Eàirdsidh a’ Mhuilinn) talks to Maggie Campbell in December 1999 about his childhood in Kenovay, collecting coal with horses and carts from puffers on the beach and the hard work involved, the people who lived in Kenovay including the carpenter and Rob MacMaster, his father who sold meat in Kenovay and Calum MacKinnon who had the butcher’s shop in Scarinish, the difference in the rules and regulations today, the kindness of people in Scarinish, and his hopes for the new century. Tha Dòmhnall Eàirdsidh a’ Mhuilinn a’ bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul anns an Dùbhlachd 1999 mu laithean-oige ann an Ceann a’ Bhàigh, a’ cruinneachadh gual le each is cairt o bhàtaichean guail air an tràigh agus an obair cruaidh a bha ’nn, na daoine a bha a’ fuireach ann an Ceann a’ Bhàigh, a’ gabhail a steach an soar, Rob ’Ic a’ Mhaighstir, athair a bha reic feòil ann an Ceann a’ Bhàigh agus Calum ’Ic Fhioghainn aig an robh bùth ann an Sgairinnis, na riaghailtean is na laghan a tha ’nns an latha an diugh, coibhneas muinntir Sgairinnis agus a dhòchas airson an linn ùr.


Audio cassette recording of Lachie MacArthur of Mannal talking to Maggie Campbell in January 2001.

Lachie MacArthur of Mannal talks to Maggie Campbell in January 2001 about his work for 32 years as a lorry contractor and one year as a postman, the great benefit of the rubbish skips to the island, his late father’s accidental death by drowning in 1954, the cargo boats `Loch Ard` and `Loch Carron` and the coal puffer `Moonlight`, and fishing out of Balemartine the ‘The Bank’ for cod and flounders. Lachlann ’ic Artair a Manal a’ bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul anns an Fhaoilteach 2001 mun obair aige na fear-cùmhnantachaidh airson dha dheug air fhichead bliadhna agus aon bhliadhna na phòsta, am feum mòr a tha na sgudail a’ deànamh air an eilean, athair nach maireann a bha ann an tubaist-bàthaidh ann an 1954, bàtaichean-luchdaich An Loch Ard agus An Loch Carron agus am bàta-guail Moonlight, agus am banca iasgaich airson trosg agus leòbagan.


Audio cassette recording of Maggie Campbell talking to John George MacLean in Scarinish on 11/1/2000.

Maggie Campbell talks to John George MacLean in January 2000 about the pay and conditions of the workers building piers in Tiree, the lighter taking cargo to the steamers, the sling and crane used to lift livestock, the railway tracks down Gott Bay pier to the stores, the pier at Heanish, the coal puffers and the ‘Mary and Effie’, pier masters, and the Scarinish Hotel and shop. Tha Mairead Chaimbeul a’ bruidhinn ri Iain Dheòrsa Mac ’Ill ’Leathain a Sgairinis anns an Fhaoilteach 2000 mun phaigheadh agus shuidheachadh luchd-obrach nan cidhe Thiriodh; an geòla a giùlain luchd gu na bàtaichean-aiseig; an crann a thog beathaichean; an rathad-iarainn air a’ chidhe; cidhe Hianais; bàtaichean-guail agus am Mary and Effie, na maighstirean-cidhe; taigh-òsda Sgairinis agus Bùth Dhan.


Binder `The Island of Tiree 1941 – 1943` containing an account of George Holleyman’s time on Tiree, plus 123 related photographs.

Account by RAF policeman and amateur archaeologist George Holleyman FSA of his time on Tiree between September 1941 and June 1943. Includes seventy-five photographs taken on Tiree by George Holleyman between September 1941 and June 1943, and forty-eight black and white photographs/postcards taken by unknown photographer(s). George Holleyman carried out significant amounts of pioneering archaeological work in Sussex  during the first half of the 20th century along with Drs. Eliot and Cecil Curwen. He was made a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries  in 1949.


Photocopied newspaper article about a visit to Tiree by George E. Meston in 1935.

Article about Tiree with paragraphs about the ferry and freight services, golf, the beaches, snipe shooting and bird watching, the lochs, air ambulance, the coal boats, wireless sets in Balemartine, Soroby graveyard and the Skerryvore workshops at Hynish.


SS ‘Lady Isle’ aground off Scarinish harbour in 1956

Photograph of the SS ‘Lady Isle’ aground off Scarinish harbour in 1956.


Courtesy of Mr Richard MacCrory

The steam puffer ‘Lady Isle’ ran aground in August 1956 while attempting to enter Scarinish harbour. The crew immediately abandoned ship and scrambled ashore.

It was thought at first that she would be easily re-floated as she was upright in a relatively sheltered position. However, six weeks later, when an attempt to pump out the water on board failed, it was discovered that she was more seriously damaged than first thought and she was abandoned as a wreck.

Little remains of the wreckage other than metal plates and girders, which lie in six metres of water to the north of the harbour entrance.

Black and white photograph of the wreck of the `Lady Isle` off Scarinish in 1956.

The wreck of the `Lady Isle` off Scarinish in 1956.