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Audio cassette recording of Gilleasbuig Kennedy of West Hynish talking to Maggie Campbell in June 2004

Gilleasbuig Kennedy of West Hynish talks to Maggie Campbell in June 2004 about the meaning of the name ‘Na Cuiltean’, the division of the small crofts in 1907, the potato famine, the changing weather over the years, storms that hit West Hynish, the ability of Hynish people to predict the future, his mother’s baking skills and knowledge of traditional medicines both of which she passed on to him. (Continues on AC355)


Audio cassette recording of Janet MacIntosh of Scarinish talking to Maggie Campbell on 21/5/2004.

Janet MacIntosh of Urvaig talks to Maggie Campbell in May 2004 about her schooldays in Balemartine, her childhood and wartime memories, Sunday customs, her travels round Scotland as a pilgrim, women’s clothing and work, baptisms in Tiree, the 19th century Baptist revival on the Ross of Mull, the Community Council, differences between the east and west of Tiree, self education, second sight and ghost stories, Tiree Bards, the hardness of life in the past with poverty, disease and the death of children; Janet finishes by singing a hymn composed by Neil MacDonald of Kilmoluaig


Audio cassette recording of Dr John MacInnes Giving a talk in An Iodhlann in 2000.

Dr John MacInnes of the School of Scottish Studies talks in 2000 about the reasons he finds Tiree so memorable and about Donald Sinclair (Dòmhnall Chaluim Bhain) of Balephuil, his knowledge of genealogy, his second-sight, his turn of phrase, songs and their tunes, Gaelic hymns and the stories he told about Fionn, Oscar and Diarmid, historical legends and Icelandic sagas, the Campbells of Appin and the murder of Colin Campbell. (Continued on AC203)


Hardback book `Hebridean Journey` by Halliday Sutherland.

An account of the tour by the author around the Hebrides by steamer (for Tiree see pp 108-138).


Audio cassette recording of Donald Iain Kennedy, Balephuil talking to Maggie Campbell in 2000.

Donald Iain Kennedy of Balephuil talks to Maggie Campbell in 2000 about the people he remembers in Balephuil, the shop, fishing and the skill of the local people, the places he would fish from, the weather, second sight, healing powers, the ministers in Balephuil, a fatal accident, the local poets and the songs they wrote, shebeens, teachers and school, and tells stories about the old people. Tha Dòmhnall Iain ’Ic Ualraig a Baile Phuill a’ bruidhinn ri Magaidh Chaimbeul ann an 2000 mu na daoine aig am bheil cuimhne aige a bha ann am Baile Phuill, am bùth, iasgach agus sgil nan daoine-ionadail, na carraigean far am biodh e ag iasgach, an tide, an dà shealladh, comas leighis, ministearan Bhaile Phuill, tubaist-bhàs mhòr, na bàird ionadail agus na h-òrain a sgrìobh iad, ‘shebeens’, tidsearan agus sgoil; tha e ag innse naidheachdan mu na seann daoine.


Audio cassette recording of David MacClounnan of Balephuil talking to John Donald MacLean in June 1998.

David MacClounnan (Dàibhidh na Croige) of Balephuil talks to John Donald MacLean (Teòn Dòmhnall a’ Mhuilinn) of Crossapol about himself and Flòraidh Bhàird going home by bicycle, fishing, the caves around ‘cowrie shell beach’, the hanging island, a mermaid found at Diobadal in Hynish, Hynish pier and Skerryvore lighthouse, a well in Balephuil, beach-combing, forts, second sight, the first tractor in Tiree, a fairy woman, old funerals and funeral costs.


Audio cassette recording of a Gaelic Radio interview with Niall Brownlie of Barrapol in January 1998.

Radio interview with Niall Brownlie of Barrapol talking about his bilingual book Township and Echoes, the Viking influence on place-names, the difficulty of translating poems and songs into English, Tiree bards, conservation orders, early religion, St Columba and the churches on Tiree, the airport, links with Barra and World War II, Tiree seers and songs he himself has written.