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Collection of pieces of iron slag and pottery fragments

Two pieces of iron slag (lumps of residue from iron smelting), the rim of an iron pot and four pieces of pottery found in Balevullin machair in 2010, indicating that iron was being made on Tiree in Iron Age times. Found 100m north of Fiona MacKinnon`s house by Dr John Holliday. Thought to be the first evidence of Iron Age metal working from Tiree. The pottery may have been used as crucibles to melt iron ore, which is available on the island.


Fragment of pottery with a hole drilled through

Large fragment of pottery with a hole drilled through collected by Charles MacDonnell from Salum beach in 2009, and possible explanation of its purpose by Ian Hewitt of Bournemouth University: may have been used as a beehive, the holes being for ventilation. It may also have been a ceramic milk strainer used in cattle husbandry (see page 17 of  GW Davis 2011).


Inner Hebrides Archaeological Project, Report No. 3, January 2006.

Report on chipped stone from various sites on Tiree, a preliminary evaluation of the pottery found on Tiree, a catalogue of the metal objects in the Holleyman collection and the results of geophysical surveys of the stone circles at Hough, the Kirkapol chapels and archaeological sites in the Balephuil area.


Report No. 3 of the Inner Hebrides Archaeologiacl Project conducted by the School of Human & Environmental Studies, University of Reading.

A summary of the activities and results of the second year of the IHAP including a survey on Tiree and Gunna, reconnaisance on Coll and North West Mull, an evaluation of the pottery and metal objects in the Holleyman collection from Tiree and of chipped stone from Oronsay.