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Booklet `Rathad an Isein / The Bird`s Road`

Small booklet by Anne Campbell, Lewis, listing the Gaelic names and terms for features of Lewis moorlands and for working there (mostly peat-cutting).


Notes regarding audio recordings made on Tiree in 1972 and 1974

Two folders of handwritten notes made by Eric Cregeen while he was recording Tiree people speaking onto cassette tape during 1972 and 1974, plus a map of Balephuil, Balinoe and Barrapol annotated with the names of people living in each house. People recorded in notes: Donald Sinclair, Hector Kennedy – Balephuil, John Brown – Balephuil, John MacLean – Kilmoluaig, John MacLean – Cornaigbeg. Subjects covered include ancestry, Gaelic prose and songs, people living nearby, second sight, place names, shebeens, building construction, poverty, weather, schools, food, shops, water supplies, emigrants, rents, skeleton, confrontations, ferries and ships, literacy, crofts, Pairc na Coille, wars, Land Leagues, churches, illnesses.


Text `You Say iodh, I Say vist`, 2013 (version 1)

Text about the occurrence of Norse place-names on Tiree and the implication that there was once a thriving and long-lasting population of Scandinavian settlers in southern Scotland. Also stored on computer under `Exhibitions and Texts`. (later versions are available digitally)


Book about the use of Gaelic in the landscape, 2013

Softback book by SNH in Gaelic and English about the origins and means of places names in the Lochaber area.