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M.V. ‘Claymore’ at Gott Bay pier in 1964

Photograph of M.V. ‘Claymore’ at Gott Bay pier in 1964.


Courtesy of Mrs Janis Cuevas

Launched in 1955 from the Dumbarton yard of Wm. Denny & Bros., the M.V. ‘Claymore’ was the second vessel of that name in the MacBrayne fleet. Driven by twin screws, she had a tonnage of 1,024 and a speed of 12½ knots.

The ship could carry 494 passengers, about a hundred tons of cargo, up to eleven motor vehicles and twenty-six head of cattle. The passenger accommodation was beautifully furnished and comprised a first-class observation lounge and bar, a second-class open lounge, two first-class de luxe staterooms, a hospital room, and first- and second-class dining-saloons. Berths were provided to sleep fifty-six.

She sailed from Oban to Tobermory, Coll, Tiree, Castlebay and Lochboisedale three days a week until 1976 when she was sold to Canopus Shipping of Piraeus. She was later renamed the ‘City of Hydra’ and used for day cruises to the Greek islands of Hydra and Poros.

Colour photograph of the MV Claymore.

The MV Claymore at Gott Bay pier in 1964.


Colour photograph of group at Gott Bay pier in 1964..

Gott Bay pier, 1964. L-R: Hugh MacLean, Barrapol; John Neil MacKinnon, Farmhouse, Balemartine; piermaster John Neil MacPhail, Scarinish; Nellie MacDonald nee Gunn, Mannal; Christine Allison nee Gunn, Mannal.



Letter written in 1899 to Lady Victoria Campbell about Gott Bay pier

Transcription of a letter written in 1899 by an unknown correspondent to Lady Victoria Campbell about Gott Bay pier.

Courtesy of His Grace the Duke of Argyll

The new pier at Gott Bay was built between 1909 and 1913 after many years of political pressure by Lady Victoria Campbell, Lord Archibald Campbell, the island’s surgeon Dr Alexander Buchanan and many others.

As stated in the letter, the Duke of Argyll was concerned about the increasing estimated cost of successive surveys. In the end the pier cost over £20,000 to build; £16,000 were spent on construction and plant, over £2,000 on fees and around £2,000 on interest.

It was paid for by contributions of £14,000 from the Congested Districts Board and the Board of Agriculture, £2,250 from the Duke, and the public and the Tiree Association each raised £250. The balance of £3,417 was supplied by an interest-free loan from the Agricultural (Scotland) Fund.

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